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The Stricken
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Author:  Warpmaster [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  The Stricken

So I'm starting another campaign this coming Saturday and i'v started this thread in the hopes of keeping a log of what my group gets up too along the way and to help with more ideas.


Pathfinder with some house rules

Cast of Characters

Ragathia ,Female, Aasimar, Ranger.

Ragathia lost her father at the siege of Myranor .She now lives with her mother in Aridorn.

DeAvero Qualand,Male Human,Wizard

DeAvero was born into a millitary familly but chose to follow the ways of magic.He mother and father arn't so sure he made the right move.DeAvero has to older brothers currently serving in the legion as officers.There has been little news from them.

Stefan Von Velten ,Male ,Human,Cleric

Stefan was born on the border with the Warvale ,where he lived with his Uncle.Stefan ran away from his home and spent several years on the streets until he found his calling.Stefan is a follower of Barrinor although he did follow the teachings of Sorrath god of healing for a time.

Kai Wet Pommel,Male,Human,Ranger

Balimund is a blacksmith from Aridorn and a free man,although he was a slave up untill 2 years ago .Balimund has a younger brother, Alfric who is still a slave.

Blossom,Female ,Human ,Rogue

Blossom(if that is her real name) is a run away bride.Promised to the son of a high ranking merchant ,Blossom had made up her mind that life with a man she didn't love was no life at all,and so she ran away the day before her wedding.

Cote Darvid,Male,Human,Monk

Cote spent some time in the army where he saw first hand the horrors of war.Cote detests violence because of this and now spend most of his time helping the poor

Campaign Back Story

The Rukemian Empire has been at war for almost 10 years with Duthiem and its hordes of Daemon led Orcs as well as other allies in the north. The war started when Queen Sillar the Ruthless sent forces from Duthiem crossed the boarder into Kitar ,a protectorate kingdom of Rukemian. The Kitarian King Davillon Arkain, the Unyielding called for help as soon as the enemy armies were spotted along the boarder ,but it took time for the Emporior ,Serrax Thurin to muster his armies into action. Kitaran armies were grossly outnumbered and were soon over run. The remaining Kitaran forces either retreated or scattered into the hills,and forests and King Davillon moved back to his capital ,Myranor and spent 3 years under siege until the hordes broke through the walls .King Davillon lived up to his name and fought to the death along with nearly 50,000 other warriors and peasants. Very few escaped the city alive.

The horde from Duthiem was the largest everyseen or heard of and was led well by daemonic beasts raised by the Black Sorcerers also known as the Shadow Magus or the Shadow Council. This is a small, but powerful group of sorcerers shrouded in myth and legend. Very little is known about them beyond rumor and hearsay.

The horde quickly moved to the borders of Rukemian and crossed into the empire. For the last 10 years the war has raged along the borders with massive loss of life. The losses were so bad the Emperor called for mercenaries from all over Ithria to fight back the hordes. Many answered the request knowing that the empire was rich with gold and other goods. With these mecrearies the Emperor was able to force the enemy back into Duthiem ,and capture the Duthiem capital city,known simple as The Citadel. An army made up of mercenaries,Kitarians and the last functional Rukmain army led by General Lohoth made the final assault on the Citadel after a sort siege of 3 months. The assault captured the Citadel without much lose of life so the story goes although there have been some conflicting stories coming back from Duthiem on the assault..

Shortly before the fall of the horde the emperor, Serrax Thurin died and his young son became the new emperor. The new Emperor ,Thesis Thurin was guided by a man known as Alvor Grey Cloak,a mercenary lord whom really didn't do much during the war apart from keeping order in the Capital, Aridorn and surrounding towns and villages.

When it came time for the mercenaries to be paid the Empire could not afford to pay them,it had been bleed white with war expenses,which led to some reprisals and looting of towns by some of the mercenaries. Thesis was forced to divide up parts of the empire and make the mecrearies lords and captains province leaders. This has proved to be bad for many of the empires citizens.

Alvor didn't ask for any lands during this time and did keep other mercenaries from looting Aridom,but now he does control all the lands around Aridorn for 50 miles and has a large number of troops inside the walls of the capital and more camped outside the walls,in case of trouble. He also has men scattered about the surrounding country side in villages and towns.

Date: 2720 CY ,End of Summer.

Episode one:The met and Greet:

Your superior has called you to his office. There he hands you a note.”this came for you today”he says with a puzzled look on his face. You look at the note seal and see that its from the imperial Division for Labor. You open the note and see that you have been instructed to go to the west wing of the imperial Senate halls and make your way too Conference hall 72 at midday tomorrow.

The next day you make your way to the Senate halls .The halls are full of messengers,law men ,guards and many other people of importance. After asking around you finally find you way to the west wing and then the Imperial Division for Labor office. The area is in a state of repair by the looks although there isn't anyone working here apart from a woman at a small wooden desk that directs you into a waiting room.”I'm sure they won't keep you waiting long sir/madam,please take a seat inside”
The waiting room is 30 feet long and 10 feet wide with benches lined on both sides and a large door at the end of the room. Sitting close to this door is a tall man with short black hair. Oddly this mans skin has a very faint shade of green. Sitting next to him is a pretty little lady ,perhaps a elf. She has long white hair and very intense green eyes. She also has a small silver ring through her nose and many more rings through her ears. She smiles as you walk into the room.

Across from her sits a dwarf. His reddish-brown hair covers most of his body. He is continuously starring across the room at the tall man with the odd skin color sitting near the door. The dwarf looks uncomfortable in his toga and is constantly adjusting himself.

You take a seat and................

Author:  Warpmaster [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

Session One:The great Apple crumble Saga

The group met up in a waiting room in the imperial senate halls.They spoke with the other 3 people in the waiting room and found out that the Half Orc named Justinious was a Follower of Starth ,possibly a priest or paladin.The Dwarf was called Rookie and was a quarter master working for the empire.
It was obvious he wasn't happy to be in the waiting room.The eleven woman was called Earana and the group found out she worked in the collage of magic as a librarian .After some chit chat was exchanged the group was joined by another .Some of the group recognized him from the arena as a up and coming gladiator,Flavarnus the Red.

No one knew why they we all called to the senate halls ,but all had got the same letter telling then to go here.After some time had past a woman opened the door and called out the names of ,Flavarnus , Earana, Justinious and Rookie .The others were given a note to go to another address not far from the senate halls.

The group arrived at the address given to find themselves standing outside a large Bakery.Inside they made there way to the man in charge ,Sirus Skylark.He told the group that they now were working for the imperial catering division and would be baking bread for the emperor . All of the group were a tad puzzled by this and questioned MR Skylark ,asking him if this was some sort of mistake,but MR skylark was 100% sure that he had the right people for the job and that the ministry wouldn't make a mistake like this.

The group then spent the next week learning how to bake bread.At the end of the week Mr Skylark called the group to his office and told them he needed a package picked up from someone called Old Alfred at the Rosewood Vineyard just out of town and take to a MR Balbus in the city of Barrik.Mr Skylark said it was extremely important that they get the package to Barrik within 10 days and that were not to take any boats or draw attention to themselves during the mission.
The group were very excited at the thought of possible adventure and asked Skylark what the package was and why so important.Skylark was loathed to speak more on the subject but the after some diplomacy and quick witted repartee that found out that the package was an old recipe for apple crumble........(The group was bemused :lol: )

With the information in hand they set of towards Rosewood Vineyard and arrived late afternoon.They asked to speak with someone called Old Alfred but no one seemed to know who they were talking about.Perplexed the party left and made camp a mile away from the vineyard to discuss what to do.
The next day,and after some sneaky talks with the slaves that worked at the vineyard the group noticed a stature located in the middle of the vineyards courtyard.On closer examination they saw that the stature was that of the first Emperor ,Alfred Thruin and sure enough there was a package burred just in front of the statue

The group then made haste to the city of Barrick to find Balbus the Tall.When the group arrived they found the city to be in full celebration .After some distractions,involving prostitutes ,and bar fights the group found Mr Balbus and handed over the package.

Session 1 ended

Author:  Warpmaster [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

Season 3:Night's Terror

So the group made there way to the shrine marked on the map .Inside
they found a crucified body of a Priest of Barrior that must have been
there for many years,Once the group had worked out the riddle that
opened the secret passage they descended down into a pit full of
bones.Someone found a sign on the wall that said...

"Behold those that trespass against the Visionary shall met the
Forever Protector"

The group made there way further into the cavern and found large
number of rock tombs.They opened one of them and found a long dead
warrior but nothing of value.Further into the cavern the party found a
crypt with an open tomb.Above the the tomb was written...

"Here lies the Living artifact in all is spender ,waiting for the time
of the awakening to led his devoted followers on the true path of the
teachings of the Visionary."

DeAvero noticed that there were many protective runes located around
the tomb but only a faint felling of magic.There was no sign of any
body within the tomb.

Suddenly they heard a crack of stone and earth and they soon found
themselfs fighting a hideous skeleton warrior.They defeated the
warrior ,but as they did Blossom and Stefan disappeared in a cloud of
blue smoke back into the lamp.

Soon after this another crack was heard and yet another warrior
attacked them.Only just managing to repel the undead creature,the
party decided to make a run for it.This was meet by a room full of
mindless skeletons which groped and grabbed at them as they ran
past.All got out alive but were shaken by the experience.

The group then trudged back to Nordrun and rested up.They spent two
weeks there ,Investigating rumors,info on the lamp that seems to
devourer people at random,and info on the lands around Kelven.Kai was
able to use a forge where he fixed up his fathers old Great sword .The
party then boarded a boat to Kelven and made there way to the
Silvermare inn to met up with Vibius.

In Kelven the team picked up a map of the surrounding area and found
out that there's a lot of goblin tribes about from Vibius.Vibius told
the group that he had a boat ready for the morning that would take
them to Mishas ferry where they should get off and wlf the rest of the
way to the Homestead.He said his brother Pyor was expecting them but
he had to travel further north to a lumber mill and would join them in
a couple of days.

The party set off early in the morning ,but later in the after noon
the boat came to a sudden stop as it ran into a chain which had been
stretched across the the river.The group with then set upon by what
the first thought were river pirates,but later found out that they
were members of an organization called the "Iron Ring" as group who
specialized in slavery.

The party saw off the attack although Mathyis dropped his sword in the
river during the fight and took a very nasty blade to the ribs which
nearly ended his life.

It is now early evening and the river boat with the party is
approaching Misha's ferry

Author:  Warpmaster [ Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

Session 4
The group crosses the river and make there way to the Homestead where they find the occupants under siege by several tribes of goblins.After fighting there way across a small bridge the group are about to fight there way past a few goblins in there way and get into the main building of the homestead.

Inside they are met by Pyor and his family.They have been held up inside all day.Pyor tell the party that there are 3 tribes outside ;there was a fourth but they have legged it and taken the horses with them.The rest of the night passes slowly and the goblins do make several attempts to assault the homestead ,but all are repulsed by the brave bakers.

More to follow

Author:  Warpmaster [ Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

The 50th session is coming up for my campaign.Players have reached between 7 and 8th level with there main PCs and Lv 4 with there followers,so roughly 1 lv per 5 sessions.

This has been the longest campaign i've ever run too,and 'm still loving it *big D&D nerd*

Author:  Izza [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

nice work! well done you! :D
My campaigns tend to run 3-4 months

Author:  Mark_The_Great [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

Wow impressive!!

Author:  Warpmaster [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

50th session played last night.Pretty brutal for the Female Dwarf warrior in the party.She had to be saved twice from a horrible death at the hands of 2 draugr and 2 Deamons.The group did find out someone is digging up a ancient dead dragon heart for some reason :D

Oh and Basil s Cleric nearly got eaten by hundred of baby ice spiders :D

Author:  wallacer [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Stricken

Warpmaster wrote:
someone is digging up a ancient dead dragon heart for some reason :D

I'm sure it's all completely innocent.

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