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 Post subject: Flames of War Conquest 2015
PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:09 pm 

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Umpire: Lionel Graves,

Format: This year bring your dice, measuring tape, templates and rule book. The draw will put you into history. Whether you will be Pyper in the Ardennes, McAuliffe in Bastogne, Frost in Arnhem, Freyburg at Cassino, Patton's Armoured Divisions breaking out of the Cotentin Peninsula, Galitskiy 11th Guards in Operation Bagration, von Paulus taking Stalingrad, Chuikov retaking Stalingrad come and find out!

As Players will be playing unfamiliar armies, allowance for this in the playing conditions and the army size has been made so that the mission can be completed within the two and half hours. So let’s have a fun and relaxed time with the drama being on the dice rolls not your opponent’s attitude. Players are encouraged to solve on table disputes promptly and in a friendly manner. The umpire reserves the right to correct poor or unacceptable behavior as he sees fit. I look forward to you joining us for an awesome tournament.

Army Lists: All the Armies will be provided and be specific to the table and mission to be played. The army list at the table will have all special rules applicable to the list as well as the individual statistics of each element. The games could be from any era but will always be Axis v Allies.
As you will be playing with Loaned Armies the standard of care with models expected is higher than the care you would take if it was your own!

Points: Battlefront points with the following addition: A 1 point bonus for the winner of the mission.

Recognition: For Best Generals, Best sportsman.

Tables: Cards summarizing most terrain and the specific mission will be on each table. All other terrain on tables should be clarified between players before game start as per v3 rules. As timing is important in achieving results any confusing terrain interpretations should be referred to the umpire and noted on the card

Playing Conditions: As each table will have different armies and missions the players will decide between them, who will play Axis and Allies. If they can’t agree it will be decided on a D6 dice roll with the highest roll choosing. If a Player ends up playing on the same table again he/she must play the opposing force to what they played in the previous game.

Playing 5 rounds 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday of Round Robin play. Two and half hour game limits (including deployment) Players who play only one day will be ranked as having played the whole tournament.

Thank you: The success rests with you but I must say a special thank you to Comics for again sponsoring the event and to the players who have provided Armies, Terrain and helped setup and pack away.

Saturday Sunday
Player Briefing 8.30am Draw 8.45am
Round 1 8.45am Round 4 9.00am
Lunch 11.15 am Lunch 11.30 am
Round 2 11.45am Round 5 12.30pm
Round 3 2.30pm Prize giving 3.30pm
Finish 5.00pm Pack up & depart 4.00pm

Entries close 22 October. A Maximum of 20 players.

Players to do:
• Scan and email entry form to or just put the info in an email to the umpire
• Pay $40 by 22 October or spend $150 in store at Comics Compulsion and receive one free entry One day entry is $20 or spend $100 in store.
• Turn up at Shirley St Albans club at 8.30am Saturday 31st October
Conquest 2015
Flames of War

Name: _____________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Cell Phone Number: ______________________
Postal Address: _____________________________
Emergency Contact: Name _______________ Number______________________

Signed: ________________________________ Date: / /
(Scan and email this page or just put the above info in an email to the umpire )

Always Painting, fearing gaming

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