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 Post subject: Thanks All
PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:21 pm 

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Would like to thanks Clinton and all the organisners for Tempest. I thought it was well run, Had alot of fun and a great way to get into 8th Ed tournys. Really enjoyed the Various Pitched Battles and are far better than in 7th.

Thanks to my opponents Dave, Chris and Mark.

Over all I think my High Elves did well. I did go over the top with magic so will cut back for conquest. The Book of Hoeth was just plain awesome (any double irresistable force) with lore of life was able to take block units down to nothing before they got to my lines.

1st game (Battleline) was agaisnt Dave's orcs, who had a terriable first 3 turns with his Level 4 squabbling every time and then on turn 3 every unit squabbling. This let me have let loose with magic and shooting. Although he clawed back once he got to my lines but was to little to late.
Highlight: 1 spearmen left to hold Against 20+ orcs, BSB, and general.
Lowlight: My archmage turning into a frog. Wasnt really a lowlight was more funny than anything.

2nd game (Meeting engagment) was against Chris's High elves. With the table set up gave me an advantage to put some distance between his combat army and my shooty/magic army. He failed a few charges that would have put him in a better position.
Highlight: Killing his Lord and BSB with the dewllers below spell. Also rolling 7 1's out of 12 to save my phoenix Guard from the strength 10 miscast.
Lowlight: Archmage miscats drops 3 levels to level 1, Miscast again to do 12 strength 10 hits on Phoenix Guard, 1 on himself then gets sucked into the warp.

3rd (Blood and Glory) was against Mark's Slanneish Deamons. Now with this battle you had to get your opponent to the break point of 2. I had a fortitude of 5, Mark 4. This looked all over in turn one after I Dewllers Bellowed his Deamonettes with the BSB, Killing 12 and the BSB. Mark down to 3 Fortitude. Mark raced up the field, and I made the silly move of leaving my archer unit with my archmage in it open for a charge from a chariot. This inturn broke my archers and archmage and they ran of the field. Now I am down to 3 Fortitude. Then he smashed into my spearmen with greater deamon and fiends and cleaned that unit up and won the game by turn 4.
Highlight: Killing 12 deamonettes and BSB with Dewllers.
Lowlight: Thinking I would just shoot the chariot rather than block its path to my Archmage.

Guess who's back, back again, Johnny's back, tell a friend :)

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