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 Post subject: 2018 CWC AGM
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:04 pm 

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The Annual General Meeting for the Christchurch Wargaming Club will be held on the 15 of April 2018.

This will be a very important meeting as one of the main motions will be the proposal for the Christchurch Cavaliers Club to be merged into the Christchurch Wargaming Club.

As you would see below there is a long list of motions. 90% of these are in regard to changing the CWC constitution. We all agree that the constitution needs to be updated. Whether this is at the AGM on Sunday or later is to be decided.

To keep the AGM moving and productive there will be two motions put forward and these two motions will be voted on BEFORE any further motions for constitution changes is discussed.

1. (Rhys) That the constitution is put to a committee to review after the AGM. Taking into account the constitution motions listed below.

2. (Brent's) That constitution changes are voted on at the AGM by members. If this is passed then all the motions in regard to constitution changes will need to be reviewed and voted on at the AGM on Sunday.

Please note that any changes to the CWC constitution has to be approved by Woolstons Workingmens Club. So nothing is set in stone even if voted in at AGM.

As this will have a major impact on the CWC club and section the following additional actions have been implemented.

Final new membership sign up will before Thursday 10pm on the 12 of April. After this time and date new members will not be able to vote at the AGM.

Absentee votes,
There is no clear documentation in the current CWC constitution in regard to the absentee votes for the AGM (this is to allow members whom cannot attend the AGM to still have a vote). We have checked the Woolston Workingmen’s constitution and it does have a section that does allow absentee voting. Though it doesn’t specifically state that sections have to follow this absentee vote system.

In fairness to all CWC members and with such an important AGM, the CWC committee has agreed to follow this absentee vote section from the Woolston Club constitution.

Conditions for absentee votes to count at AGM:

The member casing the vote must have a current membership with both CWC and the Woolston Workingmen’s Club.

Votes must be e-mailed to by 11:59pm Friday the 13 of April 2018. Any votes after this date will not count.

Your vote must be clear in the e-mail and you must include your Woolston Workingmen’s Club number.

You must put in your apology with the reason you cannot attend.

Your will ONLY be voting for the proposed merger (for or against).
Votes do not count towards motions and committee changes, as these maybe modified and added at the AGM on the day.

 Post subject: Re: 2018 CWC AGM
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:31 pm 

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Falk Kalamorz motions for AGM

4. Objects of the club

Replace line 1 with:
Run tournaments and provide a location, terrain, safe environment and other means for Wargamers to

The nature of the environment should be specified. The term “safe” signals that the CWC is open to everybody in an atmosphere of tolerance.

4. Objects of the club

Replace line 3 with:
Accumulate money and material via section membership fees, donations and tournament entry fees for purchasing terrain,

To cover donations and material given to the club by third parties, e.g. tournament prize support.

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM

Replace line 4 in paragraph 1 with:
Only financial members can stand for Commitee positions, nominate candidates for Commitee positions, second nominations for Committee positions and cast their vote during the AGM.

Clarification that only paid members can play a role in the AGM.

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM

Add to paragraph 2:
A list of all current paid members as it stands at 11:59 PM on the day before the AGM is to be
provided by the Treasurer/Membership officer. Upon verbal request from a paid member, the membership status of all persons present will be verified by the Treasurer/Membership officer.

To rule out the participation of non-members in voting.

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM

Insert to paragraph 10 after first line:
The voting of the members is binding to the Committee. If a significant change of circumstances occurs, the Committee can decide by simple majority vote to call an SGM to have a new vote on the subject.

In the spirit of democratic proceeding the Committee should be bound to honour the vote of the members.

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM:

Remove the extra space in the first line of paragraph 13 between “money” and “from”

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM:

Replace paragraph 15 with:
If any Committee members resign from their post the Committee can, at their discretion, either leave the position vacant until the next AGM or designate a club member as a suitable replacement by simple majority vote. This member will then have the right to decline. The newly appointed Committee member will hold the position until the next AGM.

Reason: Clarification of process


7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM:

Add the following paragraph between paragraph 10 and 11:
The Committee represents the CWC to the general public and to any party who deals with the CWC in any capacity. Each member of the Committee is obliged to act in the best interest of the club.

Defining the role of the Committee

7. Wargaming Section Committee and AGM:

Add the following paragraph to the end of the section:
The Committee will meet once per month to discuss general business of the club. If members want to bring up an issue or would like to speak to the committee during the meeting, they shall contact the Vice President/Secretary. At least 50% of the Committee members have to be present for a vote during a meeting. Committee members have to be informed at least 48 hours in advance of a meeting.

So far the Committee is not obliged to meet at a regular base. Additionally, with no minimum attendance and no notification time, a single Committee member can technically change the constitution on their own.

8. Membership fees.

Replace text in brackets after second sentence with:
refer to Woolston Club constitution for details

Appendix A seems to be missing from the constitution.

Note: If the term “constitution” is not correct in this regard, I welcome a correction of this proposal.

8. Membership fees.

Remove last sentence.

The Membership officer should not have the right to wave membership fees at his own discretion.

9. Suspension and Banning

Replace sentence 4 with:
A member cannot be suspended or banned without a 2/3 majority vote of the Committee.

With the current ruling an ad hoc meeting of at single Committee member can ban a member for life.
Additionally, the requirement of an unanimous vote makes it difficult to sanction a Committee member since they would have to vote in favor of their own sanctioning.

9. Suspension and Banning

Add after sentence 7:
The Committee agrees on punishment by simple majority vote.

Clarification on how punishment will be decided.

9. Suspension and Banning

Add at the end of the section:
Committee members who are subject of a complaint will be heard by the committee, but are not allowed to be present during the votes deciding if and how they will be punished.

The accused should not be present during votes to ensure fair process.

10. Amending the Constitution

Replace with:
Any part of the constitution can be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the members during an AGM or SGM. This will involve re-submitting the amended constitution to the Woolston Club.

In the spirit of democratic proceeding the power to change the constitution of the club should not be with the Commitee, but with the members.

12. Special General Meetings

Replace with:
A SGM can be called in two ways:
1. The Commitee can call a SGM whenever they feel the need to get input or approval of the members on a specific topic.
2. If at least 12 members of the club agree that a SGM on a specific topic is needed, they can inform the Committee which will in turn organise the SGM. If the Committee rejects the wish of the members, they can go forward and call for an SGM without the approval of the Committee

A SGM follows the same rules as an AGM in terms of notification time, quorum and other organisational issues, with the exception that the agenda is limited to the topic of the initial request. No other topics shall be discussed and no votes unrelated to the initial topic can be held.
A member of the club will be chosen at the start of the SGM by simple majority vote to chair the SGM. If possible, the SGM shall be held during regular business hours of the club at the Woolston Club.

Clarification on the process of calling and holding an SGM. With the current text an SGM can be held in somebody's backyard with 2 minutes of notification.

13. Assets and dissolution thereof.

Add to end of section:
A resolution to dissolve the section requires a 3/4 majority vote with a quorum of at least 2/3 of the current members.

With the current ruling the section can be dissolved by 1/6 + 1 of the members (33% to reach a quorum, majority vote)

14. Motion of no confidence

Replace paragrpah 1 with:
Any group of at least 3 club members can, at any time, submit a motion of no confidence regarding a single Committee member to the Secretary. If the Secretary is the subject of the motion of no confidence then this should be submitted to the president instead.

A motion of no confidence should be supported by multiple members of the club.

14. Motion of no confidence

Add after paragraph 2:
If a motion of no confidence against a single member of the Committee is supported by at least 12 members of the club, they have the right to request a SGM to hold a vote of no confidence against that member of the Committee.

This is to prevent the Committee from covering up misdemeanor of one of its members.

14. Motion of no confidence

Replace paragraph 3 with:
A motion of no confidence against the Committee in its entirety has to be supported by at least 12 members of the club. It will result in the calling of a SGM at the next possible date with the topic of a vote of no confidence against the entire Committee. Both sides will be given the opportunity to explain their case. A vote of no confidence requires a 2/3 majority to pass.

If the vote of no confidence is successful, the SGM will immediately elect a provisional president and treasurer.
The role of the provisional treasurer is to maintain control of the club's assets.
The single role of the provisional president is to organize a SGM at the next possible date with the topic to vote in a new Committee. This Committee will keep its positions until the next regular AGM.
Until a new Committee is elected, the section is de facto leaderless and no decisions concerning club business can be made by anyone.
If a vote of no confidence fails, a simple majority vote at the SGM will be determine if the call for the vote was of a malicious intend. If that vote is successful, the standing Committee can sbumit a notice of censure against the initiators of the motion as per rule 9.

The current rule allows a single member to force the election of a new Committee on the spot.


Add the following section, replacing the section rules:
15. Code of Conduct

Each member of the section is obliged to adhere to the following rules:

- The club is open for gaming from 6 PM to 10 PM on Thursdays and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.
- Members must abide by the rules and regulations of the Woolston Club
- No member will act in an inappropriate, intimidating or discrimatory way towards another member of the club or a visitor.
- Visitors who want to participate in games must be vouched for by a paid member.
- Visitors can attend two days of club activity before they will have to sign up for membership
- Members and visitors have to follow instructions of the Officer of the Day
- All rubbish must be deposited in rubbish bins. Spills and similar soiling must be cleaned up immediately
- No smoking inside the venue
- Only food and drinks purchased from the Woolstoin Club can be consumed on site
- All glassware, plates etc. must be returned to service areas before leaving
- Members are obliged to return all assets they used to their designated storage areas before leaving
- Members will respect the property of the the section and other members and handle it with care.

11. Access to Information

General note:
Remove reference to Appendix B. Confirm that email addresses are correct and active)

General Business

Delay the vote on the merger by at least 3 months

Reason: The new Committee is likely to be not aware of all details of the merger, especially of any agreements made between the former CWC Committee and the leadership of Cavaliers. Additionally, not all information needed for an informed decision has been made available to the general members. This includes but is not limited to a full list of all assets Cavaliers will bring into CWC or a list of all Cavaliers members wishing to become part of CWC as part of the merger.
Last, but not least, the potential of a merger has been made public on March 18th. It is unreasonable to assume that less than a month is sufficient to discuss the merger with the majority of the members.

The section shall charge a gold coin donation ($2) from every visitor attending a section meeting to play a game. This should be added in an appropriate way into the constitution.

Reason: Source of income and additional motivation for people to sign up. Also counteracts use of false names etc

 Post subject: Re: 2018 CWC AGM
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:32 pm 

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Rhys Hodgson (current treasurer of the CWC club) Motions for AGM
These are based on the comments and feedback from the open forum held on the 8 of April.

1. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Alan Redmond

Clause 7 of the constitution be amended to add a sub category for System Representatives.

"Gaming System representatives
A gaming system that is regularly played at the CWC club, may nominate a financial member to be a direct liaison to the committee. This system Representative will meet regularly with the committee at agreed times and dates. The propose of the representative is communicate with the committee in regard to the system they represent, raising concerns and issues while also helping the committee to ensure that their systems is fairly represented with in the CWC section. If a nominee is put forward then this will be made public to the rest of the CWC members and a request for feedback will be made. After all feedback has been considered by the committee then a committee vote will take place as to whether the nominee will be accepted into this role. Please note A systems Representative has no committee vote.

2. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Vincent George

Clause 7 of the constitution be amended to add new committee roles.

“The 7 Committee positions are elected in the following order:
Vice President/Secretary.
Treasurer/Membership officer
Terrain Officer.
Junior member representative
Event coordinator representative
Social and Digital media coordinator”


Committee roles:
President – liaise with Woolston club about room bookings and other actions as deemed necessary. Run monthly committee meetings and the AGM*.
Vice President/Secretary – keep meeting and AGM minutes and engage in written correspondence with outside parties as deemed necessary. Notify club members of upcoming AGMs (and SGMs, if applicable).
Treasurer/Membership officer – maintain record of expenses and income, and collect membership fees. Maintain list of club members. Issue membership cards to members once received from the Woolston Club.
Junior member representative – liaise with junior members about any concerns they may have or issues that need to be raised.
Terrain Officer – maintain club terrain and purchase new terrain.
Event coordinator representative – to liaise with finical members and System Representatives** in regard to events / tournaments been held by or with the CWC. To report event requests / tournaments to committee for approval.
Social and Digital media coordinator – To maintenance and update information for the CWC section in regard to any social or digital mediums that is affiliated with the CWC section.

System representatives** - Subject to AGM approval

3. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Vincent George
Clause 7 of the constitution be amended to add officer the day responsibilities and duties.

“Office of the day

When the CWC is open on either the Thursday night or Sunday a committee member or designated finical member* will be appointed as an officer of the day (rostered on). The Officer of the Day duties and responsibilities include:
• Putting out and away the CWC notice board
• Opening the Terrain storage rooms
• Ensuring table space is allocated fairly to all systems
• Check membership status of members
o Ensure members are wearing their name tags**
o Check visitor book and ensure none members sign visitor book**
• Help any members with concerns.
• Be a point of contact on the day for members and public enquires
• Be really available for members to communicate with
• Wears the appointed identification as Officer of the Day”
*(with committee approval)
** Subject to AGM approval

4. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Alan Redmond
Clause 11 of the constitution be have the additional added:

“A list of current financial CWC members will be available for members to view on request. This can be accessed via the
committee at

5. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Vincent George

All references to e-mails in the constitution to be updated to

6. Moved: Rhys Hodgson
Seconded: Alan Redmond
Wargmaing Section Rules be updated to:

Wargames Section Rules

March 2018 v.1.0

Sundays Open at 10:00 AM. Gaming until 5:00 PM.

Thursday nights open from 6:00pm Gaming until 10:00pm


Please refer to room layout guide lines when setting up your table (This to ensure there is room for all members to play)

If space is becoming a problem to setup then approach the office of the day (or committee member if Officer of the day is busy) and they will try and make space available for you. Please refer to notice board for Officer of the day and committee member details.

When returning terrain back to storage ensure that you are taking care and use the designated shelving assigned to that terrain.

All glassware, plates etc. to be returned to service areas.

All rubbish deposited in rubbish bins.

Only food and drink purchased from the Woolston Club can be consumed on site.

No smoking within the venue.

Only financial members can participate at section meetings unless a “signed in” visitor.

Visitors can attend two section meetings and must “signed in” both with the Christchurch Workingmen’s Club and CWC visitor book**.

All members must wear their name tag when attending the CWC club. Name tags are provided by the CWC section and can be found on or near the notice board. If you lose or do not have a name tag, then you must make the officer of the day aware **

Members must abide by the rules and regulations of the Woolston Club.

** If accepted at AGM

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