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 Post subject: AGM minutes 2020
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:07 pm 
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12:06 Presidents opening statement
Andre Edwards and Brian Sowman apologised for. Apologies seconded.
President Ian greeted.
President Zane’s report. Went over 2019 meeting notes. Meeting 2019 notes seconded.
President’s report
Despite the events that happened in 2020, we have a growing membership. Malifaux and Start Wars are taking off in the local scene. Marketing efforts Railway Show, Armageddon, IPSM. Great response from the public. Kirsty’s connections to Armageddon got us in, Sam Dunbar for efforts with the public. 75th anniversary of the Normandy landing organised by Tony Ormandy also received nation wide media attention and he was thanked for his efforts.
Scheduling issues with the club: darts, rock and roll competing for time. We may need to be aware of this going forward on planing for tournaments.
Covid shut as down for a while.
Nick thanked for being friendly face.
JD thanked for carpentry skills and treasuring
Dave thanked for effort in getting terrain storage tidy.
Rowan for time keeping and support.
Treasurer’s report
JD talked about outstanding payment to forum. Large amount of expenses in the past year have been on the purchasing of game mats. We are aiming to have events which aim for 25-32% profit.
Report seconded.
Terrain officer’s report
Cleaning out the dungeon and reshuffling the terrain cupboard. Less used items have been moved to the back of the dungeon. More organised shelves. Some nice event terrain can only be accessed by permission from the officer of the day. Dav thanked Sams, Rowan and Tony for organising terrain by category. Scott Clough has been asked to touch up terrain to make it brighter and excellent. Dave has sourced numbers for tables which can be adapted to suit systems. We have made a significant investment in a range of different sized mats. Intent to order some Battle Kiwi Star Wars terrain. Nathan Maynard would like some Bolt Action material.
Titan Terrain recommended from Southland by Vincent Yaxley.
Report Seconded
Events report
Kirsty talked about events showing positive growth in attendance. The spread of people trying different systems is a noticeable pattern. We missed out on rehosting NatCon, which is Hamilton. Upcoming events: Comics 24 hour painting comp, Malifaux in August, DonkeyCon, Bring and Buy, No Surrender in September, Conquest an EOY BBQ.
Rob Shirley to play FoW during No Surrender so intend to be part of this event due to NatCon being canned. Armageddon was very popular. Organiser of Armageddon happened to be there and got talking to Sam D and hence our invite to Armageddon which eventuated.
Vincent addressed complaints about historicals not being asked to participate at Armageddon. He talked about how he had personally seen posts from us. JD and Kirsty defended our position to be unable to communicate directly due to issues with the forum manager communication
Events report seconded.
Youth member report
When around junior members, Sam M asked for us to please be mindful of our language. The forum will continue to run. JD mentioned we would like to have direct control of a forum. Vincent offered a contact and JD asked for a quote for the services involved.
Youth member report accepted.
Zane nominated for president, seconded.
Nick McBrearty stepping down. Alan Redmond nominated for Vice President. Vincent Yaxley nominated. Votes counted: 9 Vincent, Alan 19.

(Alan took over as secretary)

James Piesse nominated, 2nded. Elected unopposed/unanimously
Kirsty Everett nominated, 2nded. Elected unopposed/unanimously
-Conflict of interest raised by Vincent
--Zane explained that 2 committee members were required to
sign off expenses.
--This has been identified and discussed previously
--Main expense was terrain, which was mainly sourced from Mighty Ape. Quotes from both Mighty Ape and Comics Compulsion were received for recent mats purchase, with Mighty Ape winning out slightly
--Kirsty stays out of certain things intentionally where conflict of interest would be unavoidable.
--Zane and JD have the relevant knowledge and experience to deal with this properly
Dave Chappo nominated, 2nded. Elected unopposed/unanimously
Rowan Burnett-Jones nominated, 2nded. Elected unopposed/unanimously
Ryen Shirreffs nominated, 2nded. Elected unopposed/unanimously
Zane - CWC membership period to align to Woolston Club membership period
-Due to covid making membership difficult to collect its easier to move the periods to align
-Easier for people to fulfill the requirement of being members of both rather than letting one lapse. And easier for committee to check that both is current
-Woolston president mentioned the possibility of batches being done and/or electronic membership for the Woolston Club
-2nded by Basil
-Passed unanimously
Brent Burnett-Jones - Life Membership for Tony Ormandy
-A long term member of the club
-Has conducted many display games
eg D-Day event, and bringing the Bring and Buy back.
-Has brought wargaming to the wider community, for example with news coverage of some events
-2nded Rowan Burnett-Jones
-Passed unanimously
Nick McBrearty - $5 Free drink for officer of the day
-Big time commitment should be reconciled in a small way.
-Sunday only (officers of the day who don't attend Sunday shall nevertheless be similarly compensated)
-Cost of $260 is financially not an issue.
-There was a club discount to accrue points which could potentially cover this but it is defunct.
-Passed ~30-1
Vincent Martinez-Yaxley Logbook for attendance
-Concern about who is and isn't a member, and who is attending
-Also for details of who is playing what
Tony - counter, saying the Officer of the day should just be keeping an eye out, rather than formal log book.
JD - list is checked periodically
-need to be vigilant of who has paid, especially T.Os. - It's mostly just accidental that people haven't paid
- We try to follow up with attendees primarily around membership
rollover date
Alan - added a reminder that some people can't have their full name on lists for safety/professional reasons (so this may make it slightly unclear that they're a member, so its best to let the committee handle it)
-2nded Jonathan Parks
-Not passed 3-25
Ian Brook President of The Woolston Club - Gave his impression of the Wargaming section
-Enjoyed seeing our meeting/process. -said his son was interested in the hobby, and that it was a positive thing.
-Believed we were a well run section
-Good reports that gave him a good understanding of our section
-Felt our section cooperated well with the board/management - appreciated our flexibility, eg in altering rooms post covid. Cooperation was really important to the
-Appreciated that revenue has gone back up with reopening, due to us and other sections. However not quite at the level of sustained profit.
-Looking at restructure
-Rock and Roll dancers are using rooms on Friday night which adds revenue and is the cause of wargaming being currently unable to set up friday night.
-Revue trading hours. Closed on Monday as a possibility.
-Sale of bowling club process restarted after covid lockdown. - Ecan classified land as contaminated meaning it required remediation which would been unaffordable. Remediation clause has since been removed and process is back on track.
-Essentially Woolston is looking to condense, and to remove decommissioned stuff and potentially sell certain assets in order to remain viable long term
-Recognised that we were an important section for the club's survivability
-Our section's Sunday start time of 11am may not be permanent
-Reminder that the club AGM is Saturday August 22nd (Clashes with Donkeycon event) - Few issues ongoing concerning board members - Called for us to attend, and recognised our helpful contribution at SGM - Land sale could take time. Approx 10am-12
Concern about injured members and moving tables
-people want to help but not everyone can
- committee is looking into heavy duty outdoor capable wheeled trolley to carry approx 20 table at at time.
Bottleneck of orders at events
-wait times are a concern with limited window of opportunity between games
- Kirsty to look into pre ordering system
- Coordinate break times for events to stagger them
- Scheduled ordering system ahead of time possibly
- Zane to talk to Amy
Its Hard to get coffee in the morning without bringing it from outside
-Can we have a text system to pre order or alert when order is ready
- Possibility of staggered schedules for different competitions within an event
-staff numbers have to be justified by returns. Is there a way to quantify the number of beverages? We already come in hours before staff are ready so its difficult to justify the staffing cost.
-To reiterate Please don't bring in outside food/drink thanks.
Why is this section's fee so cheap?
-Sports club membership can cost hundreders of dollars
-Ours is cheap because we are non profit. We make money through events instead. We have no overheads. The hobby itself is personally expensive and we want to encourage new members
Constitution review/rewrite
- What has happened? Work by the special constitution review group was completed last year pre covid
- stalled - some issues raised around draught resolution, ie technically a separate account isn't supposed to exist
- was submitted in order to be ready for this AGM
- Zane to make it a priority
President of Woolston
-explained that he made a number of notes regarding things brought up in this AGM
Closed at 13:53

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