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Ancients at the Woolston
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Author:  Brian [ Sun May 26, 2019 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only one game today, Andre and his pre 280BC Seleucid Army challenged my Classical (Guptas) Indians in a 300pt ADLG game.
The Indians defended with their right flank against a mighty river with a few scattered fields & a gully about the battlefield.
The Indian mixed Sword/Bowmen deployed on a hill adjacent the waterway with Heavy Chariots, Elephants & Guptas Heavy Cavalry to their left. The Seleucids deployed Pike Phalanxes opposite the Heavy Chariots & Elephants and an Elephant/Thracian 'Death Star' opposite the Guptas Cavalry. Word arrived from near by villagers of Seleucid Cavalry moving through jungle beyond the battlefield in a flanking manoeuvre.
The Indians were inspired by the exploits of the Warring States army moving this way & that in an attempt to flummox the same Seleucid army only seven days ago so tried the same tactic. The Guptas Cavalry turned and moved to the right through a field then turned and moved back when news of the Seleucid mounted flank march reached them.The Elephants, after some hesitation,turned and went in support of them leaving their Light Infantry screen to skirmish in front of a phalanx.The Heavy Chariots advanced and attempted to outflank the Phalanx on the left flank of the Seleucid line then turned and retired when they were squeezed.
The Indian mixed Sword/Bowmen did managed to outflank the Seleucid line and threaten the Seleucid Baggage.
The Seleucid flanking force arrived & were charged by the Guptas Cavalry supported by the disarrayed, slow moving Elephants charging part of the Seleucid 'Death Star' formation.The battle began in earnest with these two commands from each army heavily engaged whilst the centre Phalanxes slowly advanced destroying the Elephant Light Infantry screen (which had been left to skirmish in front of the Phalanx ) and a Heavy Chariot which charged out of control into a Phalanx.
The Guptas General along with his entire cavalry command was destroyed with few losses by the Seleucid flanking force, where as the supporting Indian Elephants, in total disarray, managed to destroy an Elephant & beat off the 'Death Star'.
The Indian Army broke just as the Indian mixed foot were about to loot the Seleucid Baggage.
Well done Andre.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Sunday June 23rd
After watching Steve at the World Champs I was inspired by the army used by Dan Hazlewood so without any knowledge of his army list put a 300 point 15mm 251 Ottoman Empire army on the table today and played Andre's Seleucid and Brent's Warring States Qin.
I invaded against the Seleucids.
I had two mounted commands , a Janissary command and a heavy artillery command.
Against Andre the Janissary Command, deployed on the Right Wing opposite the Seleucid Elephants & Thracians, rushed out to gain a footing in a field before engaging them. After some good results from their bows the Janissaries were charged, they held and eventually annihilated the Elephants & Thracians with minor losses thanks to some very skillful dice cup shaking......
The Heavy Artillery deployed behind some Forifications, with War Wagons & a couple of Azabs supporting, facing a Pike Phalanx
The Pikes advanced but never made it into combat before the Seleucid army broke & routed due to the very skillful Ottoman Artillerymen & a dice cup Operator......
The main striking force of Ottoman Cavarly, the elite Qapukulu & Sipahis supported by Turkomen & Akinji Light Cavarly, and the Ottoman Left wing mounted Command of Sipahis & Akinji shot up the Seleucid Right Wing of Xystophori, Galatian Cavalry & Infantry and a Pike Phalanx, then engaged in a large melee where much tactical skill by the recently conscripted Dairy Workers from Thrace & Galatia was beaten off with many boisterous calls of "go back to making your dairy products "
A very surprising ( to me ) Victory for the Ottomans 12-32

Game two against the Warring States Chinese was totally different although the Ottomans did Invade again.
The Ottomans deployed the Janissaries on a hill opposite a large Command of Fanatical Warriors, then the Heavy Artillery with little in front to shoot at. On the Right Wing the strike force of Qapukulu, Sipahis and Light Horse was opposite Heavy Chariots & two Commands of Heavy Foot. The other Ottoman Cavalry Command was sent on a flank march against the Chinese Right Flank.
Well the Flank march arrived on Move Two !!! Yahoo !!! I thought this will be a quick game with the Janissaries and flankers crushing the Fanatics quickly then moving on to the Chinese Camp and flanking the Heavy Chariots as the Ottoman cavalry strike force shot up and pinned the Heavy Chariots. Alas due to some very blunt Janissary swords and many bent arrows the Chinese Fanatics held up well, the last fanatic fell as did the night, preventing the collapse of the heavy Chariot Command. The Two Chinese Heavy Foot Commands never saw any action apart from some fire support. Each side lost a General in the fray.
As night fell the Chinese withdrew into Xianyang, their capital.
Winning Draw to the Ottomans, 13/30 Warring States 25-35
I was expecting another good win but it was not to be.

Author:  Brian [ Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Sunday 14th July, Two games of ADLG. Andre & Keith played a 15mm Game, not sure of the armies involved but I think Keith won. maybe Andre can give a game report.

The big game of the day was Brent & I having a warm up for the Dinosaur Challenge.
300 pts 25mm ADLG, Brent used Middle Imperial Romans & used Late Imperial Romans
Table size is massive compared to the 15mm scale and terrain takes up less area giving more open battles.
I defended & decided to flank march a command of Auxiliaries on my right flank hoping to capture Brent's Camp and envelop Brent's Left Wing.
Wow a 6 first up, I thought that it was going to be a quick game, but no.
My flankers got tied up slogging it out against the Legion and my killer command of Legionaries was tied up and never made it into contact with the flanks of Brent's left wing.
On the far end of the table our two mounted wings fought it out with my boys eventually winning but taking casualties. Brent's Right Wing Legion demolished my Legion opposite where as his Centre was flanked and broken, causing the loss of his army
Close game, Win to the Late Imperials but only a couple of break points in it.

Author:  awesum4 [ Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

I used Seleucids against Keith's Burgundian Ordinance. He had a massive shooting advantage so my plan was simple, rush forward and charge immediately. The plan worked well with very few shooting casualties on the way in. But he outdiced me in the first 2 rounds of combat. His mixed spear/longbow units destroyed many of my pike some of which were elite. I expected a hard slog against his foot knights but they just slaughtered me.
My elephants stomped some foot knights and my mounted beat his but they were small victories
A decisive win to Keith

Author:  Brian [ Sat Jul 20, 2019 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

awesum4 wrote:
. But he outdiced me in the first 2 rounds of combat.
A decisive win to Keith

Kerry..............where are you :lol:

Author:  awesum4 [ Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

He is around but has other commitments. Rumours of secret training camps where elephants are being trained to waltz are just that...rumours only.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Big day at the Woolston today, seven of us playing ADLG. Must be a record for a normal Club day.

One 15mm 200pt game & three 25mm 300pt games.

The 15mm game saw Ben's Gallic horde squashed by Keith's Medieval Germans thanks to a super powerful Heavy swordsman ripping the Gallic flank apart and causing the Gauls to break.

Hero of the 25mm games today was Brent, his Mid Imperial Romans were unstoppable.
Brent's four commands of Romans quickly overpowered Andre's three commands of Germans due the German flanking force finding a bierkeller close by.

Brent's Romans then withstood the onslaught of Gordon's Japanese Samurai army. The Samurai arrow storm having little effect on the well cast Roman armour where as the Roman gladii cut through the Samurai warriors.

My Late Imperial Romans were no match for the finely tuned Seleucid army of Mark. Boy what an army, beautifully turned out with glittering shields and pointy pikes, massive elephants and flamboyant cavalry lead by a fancy Strategist.
My flank march was squashed in rather quick time and the Legions could not withstand the grind of the Pike Phalanx.
Highlight for the Romans was a lone camel shooting up a mighty elephant. Good win to Mark.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

BIG day today, eight of us played two games of 300 points 25mm ADLG thanks to Dino the Dinosaur.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only One game today, 25mm Big Battle DBA.
Gordon & I had a DBA 'refresher' after playing in the Dinosaur Challenge where the ADLG Rule Set was used.
Boy we needed it, how far do Lt Horse move, 4 or 5 ? Can overlaps shoot... all that sort of stuff. One of the largest differences is getting used to the DBA ZoC again.
Gordon used Medieval Swedes, I used Mid Imperial Romans.
Gordon placed a waterway and did a Littoral Landing with 3 units of Crossbows. This was illegal, it should have been the whole command landing but we did not find out until a few moves later, anyway it was a 'refresher game'.
The Romans Legionaires and Auxiliaries found it tough going against this Nordic horde and were getting taken apart by the fierce Allmoge crossbowmen on the flanks where as the main battlelines of heavy foot played push & shove with few casualties to either side. Both Roman wings collapsed thus the Romans were driven out of Sweden.
Good win to Gordon.

Author:  awesum4 [ Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Matt Webb was over visiting his family and asked me for a game.
I used Early Imperial Romans against Seleucids. He invaded and after seeing my deployment raced his elephants from his left wing to attack my cavalry on the opposite wing.
While that helped overwhelm my mounted wing it left the flank of his phalanx exposed to my auxiliaries. His thracians felt abandoned by their CinC and were quickly overwhelmed. The phalanx also crumbled under pressure from both flanks.
He was only a move from my fortified camp when his army broke.
It was a fun fast 200 point game, so different to the more serious 300 point games we've been playing lately

Author:  Brian [ Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only 1 game of Ancients today, 15mm 300pts ADLG between Brent's Warring States & my Late Imperial Romans.
A practice game for Brent's Conquest Campaign ooops, not sure if it is confidential or not :wink:
Warring States invaded across mostly open ground with a gentle hill in the centre and fields on each flank.
The Brilliant Qin General cocked up somewhat and was facing 4 Roman commands with only 3 of his. The Tribal Auxiliaries spent most the day chasing a handful of horse archers.
The Romans thought they were on to great victory with a smelly camel, supported by a Legion, Heavy Roman Cavalry and Cataphracts, eyeing up the Qin Heavy Chariots. After some brilliant tactical manoeuvering the Roman CnC lead the attack which was going to punch a big hole in the Qin line then oooopppps a daisy.......... disaster, a couple of turns later the Roman CnC is trampled under the thundering hooves of heavy chariots along with a cohort or two and the Elite Roman Cataphracts and a smelly Camel.... :cry:
Thankfully the Qin could not exploit the disaster due to more brilliant Roman battlefield skills, and a slogging match entailed. Unfortunately the Roman weapons could not inflict enough casualties, a good example was the Auxilia Palatina charging, with Impact, a double dropped Qin archer unit and getting bounced due to their spears having blunt points. By the end of the battle all the Roman Generals had been fighting in the front ranks but to no avail. Close result but a good win to the Qin.
Well done Brent.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Déjà vu only 1 game of Ancients today, 15mm 300pts ADLG between Brent's Warring States & my Late Imperial Romans.
Similar terrain to last week with the Romans defending again with a different CnC.
The Romans deployed Auxulia Palatina on the left in a field, a group of 6 Legions, a group of 6 Legions (2 Elite) partially in front of a rough Gentle Hill, and the mounted wing of 5 Heavy Cav, 4 Light Horse Archers & a stinky Camel.
The Warring States matched the Romans with Impetuous Mediums, 2 Heavy Foot and a mounted wing of Heavy Chariots & Light Horse archers opposite the Roman mounted wing. There were skirmishing Light Foot and Crossbowmen scattered throughout the Infantry.
Warring States advanced their entire line, the Romans being a bit cagey only sent skirmishers forward with the plan being to break up the Chinese skirmishing horse archers then break through and take out the Chinese Baggage Camp. After some initial success disrupting one of the Warring States Horse Archers the stage was set.......then failed as the Heavy Chariots annihilated the Roman Heavy Cavarly in a short time whist the Light horse battle flowed back & forth. Eventually the stinky Camel and his not so stinky equestrian mates cleaned out the Chinese Horse archers and headed for the baggage camp.
With the demise of the mounted wing the Roman Infantry advanced into contact along the entire line and charged uphill into the Chinese Heavy Foot and Crossbowmen hoping to break them before the Chariots could get themselves reorganised and charge them in the rear. A mighty tussle saw the Roman Auxilia Palatina destroy the Warring States Right Wing of Medium Infantry although the Crossbowmen beat off the Roman skirmishers and with 2 drops on them, cleared the last Roman Light Infantry bowmen.
The Legions charged up the rough hill into Crossbowmen & Heavy foot and were held off with heavy losses. At one stage 2 Roman legions led by a General in the front line, were heavily engaged against 1 disrupted Crossbow unit and were beaten off with 1 legion destroyed.
The battle ended in Mutual Destruction.
Brent is well prepared for Conquest so watch out :twisted:

Author:  Brian [ Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Quiet day at the Club as most were down stairs playing in the Conquest ADLG 15mm 300pt competition & other events, which I can't name here as they weren't historical :wink:
I'm sure Brent will write a full report of the weekend's fun & games had by all involved. Good to see many guests from up North & down South, Wellington & Oz.
Gordon and I had the Top West Room all to our selves and battled away using 25mm Big Battle DBA armies.
I ran my new Early Germans, Seuvi, ( thanks Gary ) against Gordon's Scandinavian Union in a well forested battlefield where after much early manoeuvring my Warriors ( solid Warband) charged valiantly into the Scandinavian Warriors ( Solid Blades ) supported by some brilliant archery and bold charges from the Seuvi Cavalry and did for the Scandinavians with little loss.
Good win to me and my new toys. :D

Author:  Brian [ Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Two ADLG games today.

Andre's 15mm HYW English V Kerry's Indonesian Malay and Gordon's 25mm Gallic horde against my Frankish horde.

The English lined up with one command on a hill flanked by one command either side on the flat good going.
The Malaysians sent their elephant command into the English Right Flank causing great mayhem whilst the hill and English Left Flank were assaulted by the Malay Warriors. The English held the hill but overall casualties caused the army to break.
Good win to Kerry

Gordon's Gallic Horde was a mixture of Heavy & Medium Warriors (some were Elite) supported by a couple of Elite Heavy Cavalry, four Light Chariots and a few Light Foot javelin. My Frankish Warriors were all Heavy Foot Elite supported by two Elite Heavy Cavalry & seven Light Foot skirmishers.
Each army flank marched a Command.
By the third move nearly all the foot were engaged in a long line across 1/2 the battlefield and both Cavalry were also engaged near the edge on my Right Flank. Move 4 saw the Frankish flank march make itself known and the Gallic flankers hurriedly rushed back towards their Camp hotly pursed by the Frankish flankers.
After three to four rounds of melee the Elite Franks were causing some huge holes in the Gallic line and the Gallic Cavalry (who were getting the better of the Frankish cavalry ) were hit in the flank by the flanking Franks. Poor command and control of the Gallic Chariots at the other end of the battleline saw little effective support for the Gallic Infantry.The Frankish Light troops routed the Gallic lights in a long drawn out skirmish in a wood.
Good win to the Franks.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Two games today, both 200pts 15mm ADLG, between Andre & me.
Game 1 Andre ran Seljuk Turks against my Medieval Scandinavian Rebellion Army.
The Seljuk Strategist ran rings around the Rebel army, which was lead by a Nincompoop, and squashed the rebellion killing two of their leaders in the fray.
Good win to Andre 21-6

Game 2 I ventured forth with Late Imperial Romans with a Frank Ally against the Seljuks on a field half covered in woods, hills and a waterway. There was not much in the way of fancy manoeuvring as both sides lined up and advanced into contact. The Seljuk 'Death Star' crumbled to the Franks as the Roman Left Wing of Heavy Cavalry & Hun Horse Archers dissolved in an acid bath of Seljuk Horse lead by the Strategist Alp Arsan. Frankish Warriors and Roman Legionnaires moved to the crumbling Wing and engaged the Seljuk Horse killing Alp Arsan after a couple of attempts in the melee.
Both armies broke at this point.

Two great games of ADLG

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