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Ancients at the Woolston
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Author:  Brian [ Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only one game today, Brent & I playing 200pts 15mm ADLG.
Brent ran his Berber Army against my Romans with a Frank Ally.
Romans defended behind some fields and atop a gentle hill with the Franks holding the centre.
Big surprise .....the Berbers flank marched.....the Roman camp was looking tempting to the Berbers.
This is great, I thought, my three Commands will be over those two spear commands in no time........
Well the Franks did not think the same, they became very jittery when only 1 eagle flew overhead and they refused to advance due to this bad omen.
The Berber spearmen advanced into the face of the Roman Legion deployed on the right of the Roman line whilst the right flank of Berber Spearmen advanced to pin the Roman cavalry wing on the hill.The Berbers kept well away from the Franks not wanting to intimidate them whilst they were partaking of Religious Ceremonies and swearing great oaths......
The Roman Legion advanced across the fields and into the Berber Spearmen and Swordsmen, the Roman CnC leading the charge from the Front despatching a unit of Berbers in no time at all while the Auxilia flanked and despatched the Berber Swordsmen. On the Roman Left two groups of Hun Horse Archers swung around the Berber Left Flank and headed for the Berber Camp way in the distance.
This is going fantastically well I thought, then news came of a Berber mounted command heading towards the Roman Right Wing and Baggage camp.
The Berber mounted force flushed a group of 6 eagles into the sky above the Franks and hey boy! ... they were off into the nearest Berber Spearmen they could find.
An almighty melee then took place all down the line as the Roman baggage camp was sacked the two Berber Spear Commands were nearly annihilated, the Roman CnC charging into the rear of the last of the Berber left Flank Spearmen as the Berber Knights arrived within charge reach. The Berber camp was saved from the Huns when two Berber Javelin armed Light Horse ripped them to bits in very short time.
Both armies were close to breaking when the Roman CnC was charged by fanatical Christian Knights and killed and the Frank General, only a move away from sacking the Berber Baggage, was hit in the flank and all but destroyed by the two javelin Light Horse.
The Berbers with 24 points lost ( 1 point shy of breaking ) break the Romans with 2 more points than required.
Close win to Brent 24(25) Brian 22 (20)

another great game of ADLG with both sides riding the swings & roundabouts

Author:  Brian [ Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Two games of 300points 15mm ADLG today between Brent & I.
Brent is trying out army compositions and sharpening up on the Rule Set before heading off to Cancon in January. He fielded Warring States Chinese.
I am always sharpening up on the ADLG Rule Set due to a fuddled brain, and fielded a (imo) rather sharp army of Classical Indians, the Guptas.
Game one was short, sharp and brutal as the Indian elephants tramped the Chinese Infantry into the ground whilst all the Chinese Heavy Chariots and Cavalry sat back and watched until they could no longer stomach the carnage, turned and ran.
Good win to the Gupta Indians.

Game two saw a more staunch Chinese Army defending against a cocky bunch of Indians who had out deployed them and advanced menacingly along the entire front as well as sending raiding parties of Light Cavalry towards the Chinese baggage camp.
The Indian Heavy Chariots became rather impetuous disobeying orders and charged wildly into the fray when they were meant to be holding back allowing their Archers to shoot up the Chinese skirmishers. This meant that the entire Indian line had to advance into contact prematurely. The Heavy Chariots were massacred as were some Elephants and the Indian line crumbled after a dour struggle before the Indian Light cavalry could reach the Chinese Baggage camp.
Close but good win to the Warring States Chinese.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Two games of 15mm 300 points ADLG between Brent & I today.
Brent has really improved and is looking good for Cancon after today's effort with the Warring States.
My Romans could make little headway against the Warring States in either game.
Game one was a complete Roman C...up where I flank marched on the wrong flank and played out 3 hours running away from the Chinese.
Game two was a line them up and charge, after two rounds of combat the Roman mounted wing was squished under chariots and the Legions all battered with two Generals lost in hand to hand combat.
Massive win to the Chinese. Well done Brent.
Next week will be different as the Indians are going to give the Warring States a run around..... I hope :wink:

Author:  Brian [ Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Two games of 15mm ADLG today, Andre & Kerry playing 200points whilst Brent continued his CanCon training against me with 300 points of Warring States Chinese.

Andre was all fired up after winning the initiative with his Seljuk Turks & was champing at the bit whilst Kerry quietly went about preparing his Jurchen-Chin's defence placing his foot behind a gentle hill flanked by cavalry.
The Seljuk's cunning plan was to skirmish against the Jurchen's Left Wing/Centre and crush the Jurchen Right Wing with elite cavalry and a super powerful unit based around elephants known as a 'Death Star'.
The Jurchen mixed Sword/ Bow Infanrty command gained the hill with the two wings of cavalry lined up on each flank as the Seljuk army came into shooting range. The Jurchen General had scoured his lands for the best archers to face the Turkish invasion and boy were they good, the Seljuk Left Wing was literately shot to bits in one devastating round causing it to retire allowing the Jurchen to sweep around and charge the mighty Death Star in the flank as it engaged the Jurchen Right Wing cavalry in support of the elite Seljuk Cavalry.
Massive win for the Jurchen-Chin, well done Kerry.

Meanwhile my Classical Indians defended behind several fields against the heavy infantry & chariots of the Warring States Qin in a very bitter and resolute battle of strength, armoured foot with supporting heavy chariots, medium foot and many skirmishers verse elephants & heavy impetuous chariots supported by mixed medium sword/archers.
The Chinese were slow advancing their Infantry against the Indian elephants & foot but advanced quickly against the deeply deployed Indian Chariots and supports. The Indian General called for an all infantry advance as the Indian Left Wing overlapped the Chinese heavy infantry. There was some big exchanges of arrows on the Chinese Left with both sides taking casualties. The two infantry lines crashed into each other and a dour, very heated, exchange took place with many feats of bravery recorded and both sides taking many casualties. One Indian Elephant unit was destroyed and most others suffering casualties. The chariot battle was slow and although the Indians lost half of their force the Chinese could not make any headway to the Indian Camp.
As night fell the Chinese army broke & fled leaving a totally shattered Indian army tending to its many casualties.
Minor win to the Indians, 1 point off breaking as the Chinese broke.
Another good workout for Brent.

Author:  awesum4 [ Mon Dec 23, 2019 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only two ancients games yesterday. Brent's Warringstates Chinese against my Alexander the Great.

The first was fought on a flat plain beside the South China Sea, our rapid advance pushing us beyond the few fields present. Alexander lead the light horse to sweep around the Chinese flank while companions and a death star advanced rapidly on his chariots and cavalry. The pike and the Greek mercenaries advanced at a steady pace confident of their ability to break the Chinese foot.
All went to plan, the companions destroying several chariots and the Chinese cavalry, the death star withstanding a chariot charge and destroying those also. The pike aided by the Goddess Enyo discomforted the Chinese foot who surrendered after a token resistance.

The Second was fought on a similar battle field except the Chinese had withdrawn to where a gentle hill was right behind the left of the Chinese infantry. Their chariots and cavalry were to the left of these. The Macedonians tried to repeat their tactics of the first battle but the cunning orientals withdrew their mounted behind their foot. There was a gap between the sea and our left flank which the Chinese exploited to turn our flank. By then our pike were battling with their line with our elephants aiding them. The companions sat restlessly at the bottom of the hill watching the infantry slogging away. With breaks causing holes in both lines a confused mess ensued where pike charged the rear of bowmen but were then charged in the flank by chariots. We were getting the upperhand and as we only required a couple more hits to break the Chinese morale Alexander led the Companions in a furious charge up the hill into the chariots. But the Goddess Enyo is a fickle slut and the Chinese suddenly discovered their die had the number liu after all. The companions died magnificently and the tired foot had to retire. But it was a near run thing and the Chinese will need to learn quickly how to cope with pike and elephants if they are to successfully campaign in the sunburnt country.

Author:  Brian [ Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Well that was a surprise result in game 2 !! Good for Brent.
Now did I spot a reference to a Dice God and a 'liu' (6) appearing as a vision to the Qin General ?

Author:  Brian [ Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

One game of 15mm 300 points ADLG today, my Maurya Classical Indians challenged Andre's Alexander the Great & his Macedonians for control of India.
The Indians defended and deployed utilising the two large fields on the centre /left and echeloned an Elephant command back to cover the Indian camp.Heavy Chariots were deployed in the good going between the fields supported by Elephants on the right and mixed sword/bow on the left.
The Macedonians deployed away from the fields but did have some light foot deployed in the fields atop a gentle hill near the Indian left wing. A small command of Pike & Hoplites with light foot skirmishers aligned with Alexander & his Companions were facing the Indians with the Elephant Death Star & Macedonian Pike Phalanx deployed wide of the Indian line.
The Macedonians sent skirmishers forward whilst their main line turned and marched to cover the Indians who were advancing slowly making good use of the fields.Indian light horse chased off the skirmishers as the Indian heavy chariots and supporting mixed foot advanced into line with the Indian CnC's elephant command. The Macedonians were not standing around to be shot at so charged the Indian heavy chariots and elephants with Pike, Hoplites, some Companions and the Macedonian Death Star. The Pike Phalanx was too wide to assist at this stage.
A huge melee developed, the Indian Left Wing of mixed foot & Heavy Chariots gained some ground and began making holes in the Macedonian line while the Macedonians were denting the Indian Centre and actually broke through after quickly despatching the two Indian Guard units, some Heavy Chariots and Elephants. The Indian Generals then inspired their troops by leading many charges into the thick of the Macedonian line and sending reinforcements from the uncommitted Elephant command into the exposed flank of the Macedonians in the large field in the centre. The Macedonian Phalanx finally made contact just as the Macedonian army broke and ran. The Indian Generals were involved in many of the battle winning melees whereas Alexander very timidly entered one melee briefly before fleeing the field.
India is now under Indian rule after a very hard fought encounter, win to me by a small margin.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only one ancients game today, 15mm ADLG.
Brent's Warring States,Qin, Chinese army against my Wars of the Roses Tudor army (Henry's boys).
The Tudor army defended behind fields and upon a gentle hill of fields ( were having a Field Day until the Qin arrived ) notwithstanding the Qin were rather apprehensive about advancing but did not want to lose face against the 'Round Eyes' so advanced very apprehensively.
Henry was not at all worried about giving battle in the open so advanced to meet the Qin and started loosing off volleys of arrows.
ouch, ouch, ouch, the Qin could not take sitting around so charged headlong into the fray all along the Tudor line, for some reason the Qin Heavy Chariots and Light Horse stayed well away from the fray.
After about three rounds of combat the Qin turned and ran, well what was left of them.
Very good win to Henry's boys 6-25.

Author:  Brian [ Sun Feb 16, 2020 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only one game today, 25/28mm 300points ADLG between Andre ( Germans ), & I ( WotR Lancastrian ), a practise for the Dino Challenge, details of which will be supplied soon.

The Lancastrians were taking a break from battling the Yorkists and were out peacefully picking Whites Roses on the downs and consuming large quantities of ale when a great Horde of Germans appeared and advanced in a huge line towards them......
By the time the Lancastrians rushed back to their camp to gather their weapons the Germans were upon them and gave no quarter no matter how many white roses were waved in their faces !!!

A sad day for the Lancastrians, they should have been picking RED roses and maybe things would have been different.

Massive win for Andre's boys, well done. Dino is looking happy staying with his TGIF mates.

( note, I used White Dice today thinking that the Lancastrian's emblem was the White rose, my very first die roll to decide the initiative was a '1' hmmmmm I thought this does not bode well. And it didn't, the longbowmen could hardly hit the side of a barn let alone a German. My CnC's first combat die roll was a '1' hmmmm something is wrong here and it was.
I should have been using RED dice !!! The Lancastrian's emblem was the Red rose ) :oops: :oops: :roll: :oops:

Author:  StephenLadanyi [ Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Brian wrote:
I should have been using RED dice !!! The Lancastrian's emblem was the Red rose ) :oops: :oops: :roll: :oops:

How embarassing! Your punishment is to go straight to the TV and rewatch The White Queen - whole series! Now!

Author:  Brian [ Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

StephenLadanyi wrote:
How embarrassing! Your punishment is to go straight to the TV and rewatch The White Queen - whole series! Now!

House of York is the White Queen, House of York is the White Queen,House of York is White Dice, House of York is White Dice !!!

Thank you Steve I needed that :lol:

Author:  Brian [ Sun Mar 01, 2020 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Only one game today, 25/28mm 300points ADLG between Andre ( Germans ), & I ( WotR Lancastrian ), a practise for the Dino Challenge.
The Lancastrians had dug up all of their White Roses and replaced them with lovely Red Roses and decided to invite their German friends over for some friendly L'Art De La Guerre manouvres on Bosworth Field in preparation for a forthcoming battle with the Yorkist Horde.
A fun and friendly set of marches, skirmishes, flank marches, archery practice, impetuous charges, out flanking and camp raids took place under the watchful eye of Tony the Tiger Tank (a local German historian ) who declared Andre the winner.
The highlight was the Lancastrian flank march arriving on table early covered in Red Rose petals whilst the Lancastrian scribes were busy recording all the advice that was being thrown upon them in the Germanic tongue.
Many thanks Andre for a great learning experience and well done holding on to your narrow win.......

Author:  Brian [ Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

Amongst the crowd at the Club today there were three Ancient games,all ADLG Rule Set, two 15mm, 200 point games between Andre & Brent & one 300 point game between Gordon & I.

Gordon was late so I saw some of the action between Andre's new Tuareg army and Brent's Warring States Qin Chinese.
And plenty of camel action was seen, camels to the left, camels to the right, camels through the middle and it was done.
Good win to Amghar Andre. or so we thought....more to come

Gordon arrived and so it was set up and begin training Gordon in the ADLG Rule Set in preparation for the Dino Challenge.
Gordon is a TGIF Veteran of long standing but knows less about ADLG than I.
The naked horde of impetuous Gallic Warriors were a sight to be seen indeed. My Lancastrians did not know where to look when loosing their arrows hence many misses. Both sides had flank marches on the go so there was much anticipation as to where and who had the largest ( flank march that is ). Turned out that mine was larger and chased Gordon's Gallic flank march onto the hotly contested Lancastrian right flank catching a large Gallic band of Warriors in the rear, ouch !!!
A couple of moves later a Lancastrian Hobilar was rear-ended by naked Gallic Warriors....oooowwww that hurt !!!
There was much time spent trying to sort out rule problems so we never managed to conclude the game before it was time to pack up. A very good winning draw to the Lancastrians.

Whilst that was going on Andre & Brent had time for a second round, Brent defended using the Kerry Defence, sitting in a corner.
Andre's Tuareg assaulted on every side but suffered heavy casualties and was only two points off breaking when the Qin broke and fled. A noted Jurchen-Chin scholar pointed out to the Qin General, as he was fleeing for the hills, that he was dreaming and the Tuareg Army was a fantasy in his head as only 6 camels could be Elite, not the whole lot ???!!!!
I think a refight is required to see if Brent was dreaming or not :roll: :idea: :? :o :o :o

Author:  awesum4 [ Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

There was a 4th adlg game going on quietly Brian. 2 beautifully painted 28mm armies. Late Republicans against Seleucids. They were still in the early stages of combat after some complex manoeuvring when I left so I cant give the result.

I used early Bedouin in the first game with Brent. I lost a camel unit before he surrendered. The Tauregs didnt do nearly as well, even though they were all elite fanatics. There wont be a refight with ordinarines ...the shields are coming off and bows are being issued.

Author:  Brian [ Mon Mar 09, 2020 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancients at the Woolston

awesum4 wrote:
There was a 4th adlg game going on quietly Brian. 2 beautifully painted 28mm armies. Late Republicans against Seleucids. They were still in the early stages of combat after some complex manoeuvring when I left so I cant give the result.

Yes I was coming home on the bus a few minutes back and Mark's game popped into my head( normally it's all popping out :lol: ) so I thought I will rush in and add an addendum as nobody reads the Forum these days I am told. But lo & behold folk do read it and I am caught out :oops:

Yes, like you, I was very impressed with the two armies and will be playing one next Club Sunday as I have a game booked with Mark.

Thanks for the correction and update on your new army, I thought that it was Tauregs in both.

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