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 Post subject: Legacy miniatures interview
PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:56 pm 
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BoW (via Wargamer AU) wrote:
BoW have engaged painting maestro and ace newshound, Romain to interview Vincent from Legacy Miniatures about the relaunch of the Confrontation miniatures range.

Romain: Hi Vincent, first off, I have to address a particular problem that I often hear. Many people don’t like to buy a miniature unless they have it in hand… Even though the Rackham range is well known, and you seem insistent on quality, will we find your range in bricks and mortar stores?

Vincent: It’s a little chaotic at the moment, As we finish cataloguing everything in the coming months we’ll have a clearer picture and inform the fans.

Romain: Are you now in possession of all the moulds for all of the range, or the masters?

Vincent: We have the masters, we’ve received quite a lot of masters and are sorting through them now, but I estimate that the collection is at least about 85% complete.

Romain: That question points to this one: will you be making new moulds, and will you be making resin or metal?

Vincent: We didn’t get any of the moulds, so it’s quite an expensive process to get moulds made from the masters we did receive. For the immediate future, the focus is making the models in high quality resin.

Romain: Do you have any plans to revive the game (Confrontation 3 or any other edition, and what about Cadwallon, the role playing game ?), if enough people ask for it?

Vincent: We aren’t excluding anything right now, obviously a lot depends on how complete all the existing assets are, as well as the continued interest from the fans to buy the older models.

Romain: Since you plan on making it a collector’s range, at least for now, will you be including cards for those who still play the game ? Could the cards be sold separately?

Vincent: Yes, we’ll be including unit cards for the models; some of them may not make it in time for Gencon but we’ll mail them out to anyone who purchases the Hydra and Flesh Golems once the cards are done. From the 3rd wave onwards they should be in the boxes by default.

Romain: Do you plan to revive the whole range, and all collections? There was a short-lived resin range, for collectors… will you revive that as well?

Vincent: As I’ve said, we’ll have to see how complete everything is and the level of interest. We’re encouraged by the level of positive reaction though so we’re cautiously optimistic.

Romain: Will you be using the same art/painters to keep in with the style?

Vincent: Yes, we have on board some of the original artists and painters from Rackham, and so you should see continuity in the 3.5 product.

Romain: Will you be reviving the Rackham paint range at some point?

Vincent: This is unlikely.

Romain: Will you be making new miniatures, besides the unreleased ones we haven’t seen before?

Vincent: A decision on this has not yet been taken, again depending on the level of interest in the old range.

Romain: Are you in contact with the very talented sculptors of the Rackham range?

Vincent: Yes, we are on good terms with the ex-studio sculptors; obviously time has moved on so some of them have taken other work.

Romain: As GW has just brought out Storm of Magic, and as Warmachine prepares more huge miniatures, will you be releasing the big beasties such as the Tarrascus or the Cynwall dragons?

Vincent: Well the first two releases are the Flesh Golem and Hydra, so I guess the answer has to be yes.

Romain: Will you be releasing the busts and other collector’s pieces, such as the Izotop goblin bust?

Vincent: It’s a possibility.

Romain: Will you be releasing the accessories and small scenery?

Vincent: This will have to happen later rather than sooner.

Romain: What will you be releasing first, and how often will you be releasing?

Vincent: We’re planning to make 4 releases a month, a mix of larger pieces, unreleased models and older classics.

Romain: Finally, what will be the price of your miniatures? Are they going to be substantially more expensive than before, now that it’s a collector’s range?

Vincent: They should not be very different from industry norms, although since the runs are much lower there may be some variation for the larger models, which are extremely expensive to tool and produce, due to the number of fitting pieces.


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