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 Post subject: SassCon 2013
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:35 pm 

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The DGL will be running SassCon at Easter. Here is some info.

Where: Belleknowes Golf Club, Lawson St., Roslyn, Dunedin
When: Easter Sunday and Monday. March 31 - April 1
Accommodation: The DGL will make a concerted effort to put up anyone coming up.
Cost: $15

Armies: Are to be painted and based. The DGL will make an effort to get you a painted and based army if you don't have one. We have many to lend out.
Army Composition: 1500pts. Remember that this tournie is more about fun, themed lists than winning. Fluff and background would be nice.
Force Org Restrictions: As normal though 0-1 Special Character.
Lists: Are to be in at least 1 week before the comp. We reserve the right to request changes. Also you must bring a copy of your list for each opponent.

Prizes: Top prize will go to best Theme. This will be a combination of visual, fluff, and list. There will be other prizes but the top prize should give you some idea of the tournie we are running. Winning games with your rape train will get you limited returns.

Carnage: There will also be a 1000pt 40K drinking game on the Saturday night (30th at 6:pm, so before kick-off on the Sun) which you can sign up for. All are invited but are warned it will be played hardcore. Seriously. You've been warned. If you sign up for this you must bring ~40 std drinks (and not less than 20) in addition to your army and lists. Speights will be available all weekend regardless.

Dice: All tables will be provided with table dice; bring your own "lucky" dice at their peril. Bring some small dice for wounds, vehicle damage, etc. at your leisure.

Dystopian Wars: Ian will run a Dystopian Tournie if 6 people can be confirmed. This can be played in addition to the Carnage game. Info can be found below.

Lists In
Ben Miller
L'il Chris (Dystop)
Evan (Dystop)
Ian (Dystop)
Jeremy (Dystop)
Matt M
Sass (Dystop)

Certainties & Probables

Andrew (Dystop)

Pulled Out due to a Case of Being ****

Matt M



 Post subject: Re: SassCon 2013
PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:36 pm 

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Dystopian Wars Info

The Situation

The Hurricane has blown itself out, not β€˜out β€˜in the sense of calm being totally restored to the ravaged area in question, but certainly there had been a lessening of the storm.

Operation Hariken, the name given to the storm by the Blazing Sun high command, had come to the Caribbean islands. The military and political landscape has changed as a consequence, possibly forever, but certainly in the short term. Skirmishing, minor battles and small scale manoeuvrings are still taking place of course, some of those vicious and brutal affairs, but the massive fleet engagements have all but ceased, the Blazing Sun offensive stalled or even defeated in places.

The battered defenders, both American and British led, have been slowly clawing back some of their losses. The battle weary enemy forces from the Blazing Sun and Prussian Empires are far from home, support and re-supply are endeavouring to consolidate their hard won gains.

The greatest thorn in the side of the combined Kingdom of Britannia and Federated States of America commands is the Prussian and French controlled island of Bermuda, sitting astride the valuable trade and supply routes between the two nations.
The raids on shipping, both military and commercial, and the threat to the important industrial centres of the American east coast had to be stamped out.

Bermuda has to be retaken or at least subdued by force.
It was time for action, Operation Sabre-tooth is about to be unleashed.


Operation Sabre-tooth
Reclaiming Bermuda after the Hurricane Season campaign

Army restrictions
First Battle – Cruisers and Frigates from starter sets
Afterwards –
850 points with no Dreadnaughts and max 1 Large/Massive
Minimum spend on small class vessels is 175 points
Fleets can contain any mix of air and sea assets desired.

I am planning something very different from the norm so would love to hear from
interested parties ASAP with details on what painted models you have available
in your collections for Land, Sea, Fortifications and Air, even if spread over
a number of nations.
This info will help with planning and some cool scenarios.

This blister contains one totally sweet Ninja Maneater with Gnoblar.

 Post subject: Re: SassCon 2013
PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:40 pm 

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The force org restrictions have been changed. This should allow people to take allies if they want.

This blister contains one totally sweet Ninja Maneater with Gnoblar.

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