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 Post subject: 40K Skirmish Rules - work in progress
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:39 am 

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Here is a set of Skirmish Rules we are currently working on.
Takes less than an hour to play
Please give then a try and comment.

40K Combat Patrol – Skirmish200 Points (Minimum 5 models)
Minimum force requirements
One unit from a troops choice of at least legal minimum size with a unit leader.
This leader is the patrol leader for the entire patrol, for troops choices that do not have an option for upgrading a member to a unit leader a model must be chosen from the Elites choices (see options below) and nominated as the patrol leader.
Standard options, limitations and upgrades, for example special weapons, that apply to a unit of this size must be followed according to the army book entry.

Options for spending Remaining Points
Either Upgrade the initial unit anywhere up to maximum legal size, with any options and upgrades as appropriate for its size.
and/orA further unit from a troops choice with options and upgrades appropriate for its size. This unit must be at least minimum legal size.
and/orUp to three single models from any of the Elites choices available in the chosen army book at basic points cost for an individual (or add further models cost if available). These models are not given any unit upgrades or options and are armed as described in their unit entry.

No Vehicles are allowed and only 1 model with either 3 wounds or 2+ save is permitted

This is a skirmish style game and the rules for squad coherency do not apply.

5 Turns – After the fifth turn roll a d6, a sixth and final turn will be played on a roll of 5+
4 Foot square playing area
D6 + 6 terrain pieces, placed alternately
4 objectives, one in each quarter, centre then D6 inches in random direction.
Deployment – deploy patrol leader 1st within 6” of the edge of the playing area. All remaining members of the patrol are deployed with some point of their base within 4” of this model.
Game ends after 5 turns or if a player is routed, this occurs at 25% or less remaining models.
No use of deep strike, scout or infiltrate special rules.

If one side is routed, the other is the winner.
If this doesn’t occur add up victory points as follows:
-For each objective in base contact with any friendly model and no enemy models (models that have gone to ground cannot claim objectives) – 2 points
-For each contested Objective – 1 point
-For killing enemy patrol leader – 1 point
Draws – If points totals from above are the same, the winner is the player with the most points of troops left on the table.

Move – Normal rules apply.

Shoot Choose 1 option only
– Can Run D6 inches as normal, if this is done while in contact with difficult terrain at any stage, it becomes dangerous.
- Can Shoot as normal (see shooting process in notes below)
- Can Assault D6 inches

Melee – Normal rules apply.

Any model within 2” of a model from its own side that is killed by shooting needs to take a Leadership test, if this is failed the model is lain on its side and is considered to have gone to ground in its next movement phase.

Because Running and Assaulting are both options in the Shooting Phase, you
cannot perform both in a single turn unless you have the Fleet special rule.
In this case roll D6 for running move then declare an assault and roll D6 for this.

Beasts get 2d6 inches assault range.

Shooting process –
Declare firing model, weapon and target.
If target is in range, roll to hit and wound as normal.
If target is wounded a cover is taken if available (represents the ability of individuals to make the most of available cover in a way that whole units would be unable to do)
If cover save is failed an armour save or invulnerable save is taken if available.
If target is still alive (or another enemy model within 2”of where the target was if not alive) and the firer used assault type weapon, the firer can roll a D6 and assault the enemy if within this distance.

If the leader of a unit has an ability or power that affects all other models within that unit, the effects of this will now as follows, the ability/power still only effects members of the same squad as the leader but only those within 6”.
Examples of this may be Guard Orders and Exarch powers for Eldar.

 Post subject: Re: 40K Skirmish Rules - work in progress
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:59 am 

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Wicked sounding rules! Planning on playing Imperial Guard. Just wanted to check: Do I get two infantry squads and a platoon command squad as my minimum troops as this is the minimum requirements for this unit?

 Post subject: Re: 40K Skirmish Rules - work in progress
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:19 pm 

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You get to choose any 1 unit from your troops choices as your compulsory unit.
That means either an Infantry Squad, Platoon command sq, heavy or special weapons sq, conscripts, Veterans sq or Penal Legion sq are options for Imp Guard players.
In my view Heavy or Special weapons squads dont really fit well into the game, and conscripts (although a lot of fun can be had swamping the enemy in disposable bodies) slow the game down considerably and are best avoided.
My Imp Guard force at the moment is a Platoon Hq with lots of flamer goodness, a penal Legion sq and 2 Storm Troopers. Quite a fun mix, esp as the penal legion sq have a great random element which I love.
The rules of play have undergone a few changes lately and these will be posted after the weekend.
Thanks for your interest mate

 Post subject: Re: 40K Skirmish Rules - work in progress
PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:24 am 

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The latest version of the rules is now available in the 40K section of the forums.

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