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25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28
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Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hello all

January 27-28, mark the dates in your diary, and get your 25mm DBMM armies ready.

The Hutt Valley Wargaming Club is once again hosting its annual, world famous in New Zealand, ValleyCon.

Please register now at [url]

As always ValleyCon is cunningly timed to coincide with the three-day Auckland Anniversary Weekend. This means our northern brethren can travel and still return home with time for their weekend chores (they will have clean socks and undies for the following week at work!).

I shall post the DBMM player pack shortly. Something to watch for is we are hoping to have at least some 8' x 5' tables. The narrower depth, no longer 6', should make little difference to game play but will make considerable difference to middle-aged backs!

Best regards

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hello all

The player information for the DBMM competition at ValleyCon is now on the Hutt Miniature Wargames Club website at:

You must register via the website.

After you have registered please email your 400AP list to me. I will be using Early Imperial Romans, with the list options for an army from the 2nd Century AD based in Syria. Ave Caesar!

Best regards

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hi all

Good on you to the lucky 13 who have already registered for 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, 27-28 January 2018. Some have even paid! Those who have not, please do.

One of ValleyCon’s stalwarts, Andrew Bennetts, won’t be able to make it next year but Benny has very kindly offered to vet the army lists. So far we have four lists from 13 players. Please send your 400AP lists to me and I will forward them to Benny.

A reminder, we must register through the club website by January 10. The player information is there too.

Eight is the minimum for a competition – we have clearly achieved that, including three new players getting their armies finished. Yes!

The next step is 16 players, at which point there is step up in the value of prize vouchers and number of medals. After that 24+ players gives the biggest prize pool.

Best regards

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Here's a reason to come to ValleyCon, 27-28 January 2018. Because you will see armies like this that are just, Wow! These are some pics of Robert Curry's brand new, almost finished, Macedonians. You will see Philip II of Macedon is still "dad" and is in purple with the hypaspists. Alexander is "the boy" not yet "the great" and is leading the companions. Enjoy Robert's superb work, and register for ValleyCon at

Pics posted on DBMM New Zealand Facebook

Pics also in an album on the Yahoo DBMM list


Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Yet more "wow!" reasons to come to ValleyCon 27-28 January 2018: Doug Smith's brand new Later Carthaginians will be there. Here are some pics of the Libyan spearmen, elephants and Gauls. There will, of course, be much more. Hasn't Doug done a fab job?

So far we have 21 registered for the DBMM competition (good effort guys). If you have not yet registered, then click on this link and do; player information is there too. Registrations must be in by January 10.

Link to some pics of Doug's new army on the DBMM New Zealand Facebook:

I would like to upload pics to an album on the Yahoo DBMM list, except the list keeps telling me an error has occurred and it can't upload the pictures. What's the error? It won't say. It's the Yahoo way! I will try again later.


Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hi all

Happy New Year and a reminder about the Hutt Miniature Wargames Club's ValleyCon 2018.

In one week's time, on January 10. registrations close. As you will see from the list below we now have 21 registered for DBMM. Increasing to an even number would be ideal, so get your registrations in. You must register through the club's website

We must all provide a 400AP army list to the Andrew Bennetts who is kindly and most ably vetting the lists. Andrew's email is "andrew dot bennetts at me dot com". Please get your lists in promptly so I can work out the first round draw. The list of players is alphabetical and in no way hints at who your first round opponent will be!

If we end up with an odd number there will be no bye. Instead, the umpire, me, will not play.

    Andrew Brazendale
    Grant Brown
    Mark Caunter
    Vince Cholewa
    Robert Curry
    Alastair Duncan
    Craig Ellison
    Bruce Ferguson
    Phil Gates
    Paul Graham
    Dirk Heinsius
    John van den Hoeven
    Gerrard Lelieveld
    Gary Lewis
    Jim Morton
    Peter Noble
    Doug Smith
    Mike Stonyer
    Che Tibby
    Allen Yaxley
    John Zittersteijn

Best regards

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hello all

We have 26 players for 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28. Good on you all – I am looking forward to seeing you there J

I have not yet included armies as a few players are still to send their 400AP lists to Andrew Bennetts for checking and a few need to send amended lists to Andrew. Andrew’s email is, andrew dot benetts at me dot com

Registrations have closed but you can still use the registration link to be added to a “reserves bench” in case someone drops out. Competition details and registration link

A couple of points to note:

· If playing on one of the four 8’ x 5’ tables you cannot choose a 2FE area terrain feature. You can still choose a 2FE linear terrain feature if you are otherwise allowed one. This is because 2FE area features take up too much of these smaller tables. (Most tables will be 8’ x 6’.)

· The DBMM Commentary, version 7.0.0, published on 8 January 2018 will be used as a guide to the rules.

The players, gentlemen, scholars and champions all, are:

1. Andrew Brazendale

2. Grant Brown

3. Nick Buckby

4. Mark Caunter

5. Vince Cholewa

6. Robert Curry

7. Alastair Duncan (Saturday) / Richard Mason (Sunday)

8. Craig Ellison

9. Bruce Ferguson

10. Drew Fortune

11. Phil Gates (rounds 1, 2 and 4) / Brent Senior-Partridge (round 3)

12. Paul Graham

13. Dirk Heinsius

14. John van den Hoeven

15. Gerard Lelieveld

16. Gary Lewis

17. Jim Morton

18. Peter Noble

19. Mark Pickup

20. Doug Smith

21. Mike Stonyer

22. Che Tibby

23. Allen Yaxley

24. John Zittersteijn

Best regards


Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hello all

Many thanks to Andrew Bennetts for checking lists for DBMM at ValleyCon and to Allen Yaxley for organising the dinner on Saturday night and the four 8' x 5' tables we will be using in addition to the usual 8' x 6' tables.

Round 1 starts at 8.45am on Saturday January 27 at the Upper Hutt civic hall, Expressions. The draw is:

    Grant Brown, Medieval Portuguese vs Alastair Duncan, Catalan Company
    Drew Fortune, Italian Condotta (la famiglia a.k.a. the Borgias) vs Phil Gates, Italian Condotta (Venice)
    Bruce Ferguson, Medieval Swedes vs Mark Pickup, South Welsh
    Gerard Lelieveld, First Crusade vs Allen Yaxley, Buyids of Fars
    Michael Stonyer, Late Imperial Roman vs Nick Buckby, Picts
    John Zittersteijn, Early Imperial Roman vs Craig Ellison, Aztecs
    Vince Cholewa, Early Imperial Roman vs Mark Caunter, Later Carthaginian
    Dirk Heinsius, Early Imperial Roman vs Jim Morton, Graeco Bactrian
    Paul Graham, Polybian Roman vs Che Tibby, Seleucid
    Doug Smith, Later Carthaginian vs Peter Noble, Bosporan Greek
    Rob Curry, Alexandrian Imperial vs Gary Lewis, Theban
    John van den Hoeven, Ch'in Chinese vs Andrew Brazendale, Early Achaemenid Persian

Please note: Richard Mason will be playing instead of Alastair Duncan on Sunday, and Brent Senior-Partridge will be playing instead of Phil Gates in round 3 on Sunday morning.

Player notes are at

Best reagrds

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Hi all

Thank you to all taking part, all games are being played in the best of spirits.

Scores after two rounds, and the draw round 3 (8:30am Sunday morning) is:
    Gary Lewis (Theban) 46, vs Vince Cholewa (Early Imperial Roman) 44
    Peter Noble (Bosporan Greek) 41, vs Bruce Ferguson (Medieval Swedes) 40
    Mark Pickup (South Welsh) 35 vs Che Tibby (Seleucid) 34
    Grant Brown (Medieval Portuguese) 32 vs Allen Yaxley (Buyids of Fars) 31
    Gerard Lelieveld (First Crusade) 29 vs Paul Graham (Polybian Roman) 28
    Mark Caunter (Later Carthaginian) 28 vs Andrew Brazendale (Early Achaemenid Persian) 26
    Drew Fortune (Italian Condotta) 25 vs Dirk Heinsius (Early Imperial Roman) 24
    Nick Buckby (Picts) 23 vs Alastair Duncan (Catalan Company) 23 (Richard Mason will play Sunday)
    Jim Morton (Bosporan Greek) 16 vs Phil Gates (Italian Condotta) 15 (Brent Senior-Partridge will play rouond 3)
    Craig Ellison (Aztec) 15 vs Mike Stonyer (Middle Imperial Roman) 15
    Rob Curry (Alexandrian Imperial) 14 vs John Zittersteijn (Early Imperial Roman) 10
    Doug Smith (Later Cartjhaginian) 4 vs John van den Hoeven (Ch'in Chinese) 2

Best regards

Author:  Vince Cholewa [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 25mm DBMM at ValleyCon, January 27-28

Thank you so much to all who took part in what I think was the biggest DBMM event in New Zealand so far (26 players). It is great to see the continuing growth of support for the rules. There were three new armies that I was aware of, all looking stunning. For those not aware, in NZ we play 25mm.

Appropriately, this was at the 20th ValleyCon hosted by the Hutt Miniature Wargames Club. Club President Tom Leamy and his crew did a fantastic job, and made it the biggest ValleyCon ever.

We cooked! More than 140 people in the hall, more than 30 degrees C outside (over 86 degrees F), all the doors open so we could breathe and, would you believe it, the wind would not blow. One visitor said there might be a reason why ValleyCon is the only summer convention in New Zealand.

I spent too much money at the Kapiti Hobbies stand on "necessities" like static grass and lichen

Mighty Ape very generously provided vouchers as prizes for the competitions, including $200 for DBMM

Many posts, with I hope more to come, on the DBMM New Zealand Facebook

And the DBMM results were:

    Best opponent, and thoroughly decent bloke: John Zittersteijn (Early Imperial Romans)
    Best army : Rob Curry's Alexandrian Imperial, with Che Tibby's Seleucids being very highly commended. Both these are brand new armies painted by gamers new to DBMM and they look stunning (the armies look pretty good to :-)
    General slayer: Allen Yaxley (Buyids of Fars) 4
    Looter of baggage: Bruce Ferguson (Medieval Swedes) 2

    Peter Noble (Bosporan Greek) 77 points
    Vince Cholewa (Early Imperial Roman) 77 - Peter won on a count back as he had more points at the start of the last round.
    Gary Lewis (Later Hoplite Greek, Thebans) 72
    Mark Pickup (South Welsh) 71
    Andrew Brazendale (Early Achaemenid Persian) 63
    Gerard Lelieveld (First Crusade) 59
    Allen Yaxley (Buyids of Fars) 56
    Dirk Heinsius (Early Imperial Roman) 54
    Jim Morton (Graeco-Bactrian) 54
    Craig Ellison (Aztec) 52
    Rob Curry (Alexandrian Imperial) 50
    Grant Brown (Medieval Portuguese) 48
    Mark Caunter (Later Carthaginian) 48
    Nick Buckby (Picts) 48
    Alastair Duncan (Catalan Company) and Richard Mason (Kushite Egyptian) 47
    Bruce Ferguson (Medieval Swedes) 46
    Paul Graham (Polybian Roman) 43
    John van den Hoeven (Ch'in Chinese) 42
    Mike Stonyer (Middle Imperial Roman) 40
    Drew Fortune (Italian Condotta, Borgia) 39
    John Zittersteijm\n (Early Imperial Roman) 38
    Che Tibby (Seleucid) 32
    Phil Gates (Italian Condotta, Venice) and Brent Senior Partridge (Camillan Roman) 29
    Doug Smith (Later Carthaginian) 10

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