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 Post subject: 2517 ChriBBL season starting February 2017!!!
PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:37 am 

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- Good evening sports fans. I’m Jim Johnson. Evening Bob!
- Evening Jim! Welcome to the best sport in the entire universe: Bloodbowl!
- That’s right Bob! What was the message from the sponsors again?
- Coaches should get ready for the 2517 season of the ChriBBL! It’s about to start soon and let me tell you that the teams are getting really excited for this! It’s never been a better time to start playing Bloodbowl!
- That’s right Bob! I’m sure some of the team excitement will be “cut” short after the first few games but eh, what’s Bloodbowl without a few broken limbs or the eternal retirement!
- Anyway, that was the message from our sponsors! Now let’s get back to tonight’s game.
- Right Bob! Tonight sees…

It’s almost time for the 2517 season of ChriBBL to start, so here are a few things coaches that whish to join needs to know:

- First you’ll need a copy of the new Bloodbowl game to play. If you’re not interested in the whole box (I don’t see why you would be that crazy! Plenty of awesome stuff in there and the price is way better than other stuff from GW!), at least get the new rulebook and the Death Zone Season One supplement. You’ll also need those Special Play Cards as well!

- Secondly, you’ll need to go the GW website and download those 3 docs ( FAQ and errata for the main rulebook and the Death Zone supplement, and also the Team of Legends roster which contains all the teams not covered in the rulebook or Death Zone. You can find those docs at the bottom of the webpage.

- You should definitely join the following website: It acts as a forum/website for all things Bloodbowl in NZ and also Australia I believe. There is also a Facebook page for Bloodbowl NZ.

- The league will run across both clubs, The Cavaliers in Papanui (Thursdays evening) and the Christchurch Wargaming Club in Woolston (Sunday from 10am to 5pm ish). This is to allow for everyone that wish to play to join (we’re also working on a potential third venue for another day of the week). It is completely fine if you can attend only one venue! Also, if you do go to those clubs make sure you join to help support them! This is worth it and it’s not that many pennies to join! Ask me if you need any info on one or both of the clubs.

- The league will run using the rules in Death Zone, with the following exceptions:
o Since the league is running across both clubs, we won’t use the division and play-off stuff and you don’t have to play every other team if you cannot attend both clubs. We just keep playing until the end of June.
o For MVP (Most Valuable Player) Star Player points, I would like to add a small correction that makes it more fluffy: the three player you choose must have done something during the game (score a TD, injured or killed someone, KOed someone, successful pass etc… anything really that succeeded). If you have less than three players that have done, then only roll for those. If you have only one then give him the MVP points. Finally, if you have none for some strange reason even Nuffle struggles to understand, then choose three players you want and roll as per the book. This is to avoid people giving MVP just to level up someone who’s done nothing all game, unless the whole team did nothing!

- The league will run from February to June (included) so please do not record anything before that, just have practice games as part of the IPL if you want (explain later on), but start recording thing once February sets off. Ideally, coaches should have 2 to 3 games a month. Please do not record more than 4 games a month, just to keep things a little bit balanced! However, since the league is running across both clubs (and a potential third venue), I don’t think everyone will attend every venue and get to play every other team. That is fine, we’ll roll with that! Just try to play different people before you play someone else twice! Do not record more than 2 games against the same team per month!

- A score sheet with all the teams involved will be maintained and results throughout the season announced regularly (I’m thinking fortnightly). If you’re dead keen to know what you’re worth as a coach, the best is to attend the many tournaments in NZ and across the ditch! The Aussies are a welcoming bunch when it comes to Bloodbowl and often come here to cross dice as well!

- Please note we’ll definitely be using the following rules and optional rules for the league:
o Special Play Cards (as explained in Pre-match sequence)
o Expensive mistake table (as explained in the box just after the Post-match sequence)
o Piling On skill will NOT be in use for this first part of the league to allow newbies to learn the rules before they face a really nasty combo!
o Spiralling expenses (explained in Optional League Rules)
o Note that all the skills are in the Death Zone book (including the ones which are also in the main rulebook)

Please send all the relevant game results (touchdown(s) and casualties) or any question you have to me (PM me and I'll PM you my email address). The league score table will be sent by email.
That’s it folks! Please join the league if you want to have a good fun! Plenty of cool people to meet that play Bloodbowl in Christchurch! Expect the league to go on for another part from July to November (with maybe a few different rules). Now is the best time to join however so you get a good feel for the game and think about going to some tournament (which by the way are mainly an excuse to roll dice, while drinking beer (or coke for those little ones not of the age as yet!) and laughing out loud with your opponents at the fortunes that Nuffle gifts upon you!).

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