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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:40 pm 
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Hello and welcome to the South Island Wargaming Forums. We hope you enjoy your time here. Newbies, beginners, experienced hobbyists and veterans are all welcome here.

The purpose of these forums is to provide a place where anyone who’s interested in Wargaming in the South Island (and to a lesser extent New Zealand) can come and discuss the hobby.

Please bear in mind that whilst the forum is free to use it is a Christchurch Wargaming Club owned forum, maintained at an annual cost and as such our moderator team have the right to alter, delete and/or edit any messages as we see fit with no recourse for the post’s author.

Different sections of the forum are dedicated to different subjects and Game Systems, and hopefully that’s fairly clear. Posting in the correct section not only helps keep the place tidy, but also means you’re likely to get a better response.

There are a few basic rules to abide by for the benefit of all.

1) As with any electronic forum, flaming, baiting, trolling, rudeness, racism, insulting behaviour and other nastiness will not be tolerated. If you notice such a post that one of the moderators has not yet seen, please feel free to send them an email rather than replying to it.

A note on trolling: Genuine debate is welcomed here; trolling (deliberately starting arguments to insult and/or outrage posters) is not. Moderators have been instructed to stamp out trolling as soon as they see it. This is because we have found that trolling left unchecked develops into flame wars, on-going feuds between members, creates unwelcome factions & cliques and generally gives forums an undesirable atmosphere. As I said, debating the game and even bringing up what some would consider controversial points are all fine but don’t troll – I’m sure you know the difference.

2) Secondly, you cannot post or link to external sites that publish material which is legally copyright – even if said material is out of print.

3) In order to post on the forums you are required to register. Please make sure that the information you provide is accurate, and that you provide a valid email address so that we can contact you privately should we ever need to do so. None of the information you provide will be passed on to anyone else.

4) The forums contain a trade section for personal transactions between forum members. This is not an invitation for larger scale advertising, selling, spamming or marketing campaigns - posts containing such materials will be deleted.

Apart from these immutable rules, there are a few other guidelines:

A) Please try your best to use proper grammar and spelling. If you expect people to read your work and respond, do them the courtesy of making it readable. This includes capitals, punctuation, paragraphs and, of course, spelling. No ALL CAP words or posts – this is considered to be shouting. We understand that for some of you English is not your first language, and that is perfectly fine. This is directed towards those who know better but are too lazy to put in the effort and would rather attempt to use txt/chat speak. If such a post is spotted the author will be asked to correct it, if he refuses the post will be deleted. (English teachers everywhere rejoice.)

B) Please be polite. Only write in a post what you would be prepared to say to someone’s face in real life. There is always a way to get your idea across without using harsh, negative, and/or foul language. The use of foul language/swearing has no use here and will not be tolerated in any posts. Bear in mind that posters from a whole range of ages and backgrounds post here, so no adult-only subjects.

C) Please always try and help newbies out. Remember, that was once you! Do not shoot somebody down for asking something that has been discussed before. Kindly reply, or link them to the old discussion so that they can be as informed as you are.

D) Please be specific in your titles. Do not use misleading or ambiguous titles like “What do you think…” or “Check this out…” – it’s deceptive and irritating, and is less likely to get you a helpful response.

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