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 Post subject: NatCon 2017 Woolston, Christchurch, Flames of War
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:06 pm 

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NatCon 2017
Friday to Sunday 14-16 April 2017
(This is both Easter Weekend and the first weekend of the NZ schools vacation)
The competition will consist of three days, each of four rounds. You may enter any one of the days or any combination of them. Friday will be Early War, Saturday Mid War and Sunday Late War. All three days will be played under Version 3 Points and Rules. Note that Version 4 is due to be released in March 2017 and will have significant changes in points and in the manner of play. Each separate army of 1,100 points may be completely independent of any other army that you play at this event.

Over the three days all twelve Version Three missions will be played. Each day will have a randomly drawn Fairfight Mission, a Defensive Battle and a Mobile Battle. The 4th mission each day will be randomly drawn from the two remaining defensive battles and one remaining mobile battle. Your name/result/image will be submitted to the Masters Rankings Website on the basis of playing all 12 matches and will be available for publication on other forums. In the event that you do not wish this to occur you need to inform the organisers of that when you enter. The draw will attempt to avoid club mates in Round 1, and to avoid matches against the same person over the 12 matches, thereafter Swiss Chess will be used.

Each round will have a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Any questions and entries are to be e-mailed to Lionel Graves:
Army Lists are to be sent to Rob Shirley: Do not submit lists before the close of the Earlybird Registration close-off. Rob’s and Lionel’s lists will be mutually checked by one-another at that stage.

Entry fees are to go to: R Hodgson, Kiwibank, 38-9005-0753563-01
The Code is “Natflame” and the Reference is “your name”. If you don’t do that they will take your money and not accept any responsibility for you not being on the entrants list.

The EarlyBird Cost of entry up until Friday 27 Jan 17 is $20 per day.
The Normal cost of entry between Saturday 28 Jan 17 and Friday 31 March 17 is $25 per day.

The venue is the Woolston Workingman’s Club, 43 Hargood Street, Woolston, Christchurch

Accommodation. Is your own responsibility
Venue. The venue is Licensed, normal NZ law applies.
Lunches and Dinners: The venue operates a restaurant and a “Casual Food” kitchen.
Transport. Is your own responsibility.
Army Lists: Players in the competition are able to use any appropriate Book, approved V3 PDF or Electronic List from any Official Version 3 Battlefront Publication published before the end of January 2017. Check with the latest “Lessons from the Front” (September 2015). The Pacific War/Early War document from May 2016 will be used.
On entry, you need to supply via e-mail, your name, contact details, which book//PDF/electronic list and which nationality you will be playing for each army.
All submitted lists will be e-mailed to all players before the event.
The following categories are to be awarded
Best General
1. Best General
2. Best Sport
3. Best Terrain Table Supplied
4. Best Army
5. Best Under 18 player
6. Dunkirk
Lesser value prizes may be awarded to (depending upon entry numbers) to lesser placing’s.
It is possible to win more than one award, providing they are in different categories.
As part of entering the event you need to indicate if you will be under 18 years old at the end of the event, and which (if any), of Best Terrain Table and Best Army you will be participating in.

Best General / Best Under 18 Year Old General / Dunkirk (reverse this thinking for this category)
Points will comprise the total score from all 12 games, using the standard Battlefront seven point scoring system. With all winners of a Fair Fight mission gaining an extra point for the win. For any position that involves the award of a prize or medal/trophy; tie breakers will be:
a. the result of any match played between the persons involved
b. the total points that the opponents of each of the “tied” players received
c. A low score wins dice-off.
d. Byes will be scored as a 6-1 win to the person playing the bye

Best Sports
Points are to be awarded by each player to their opponent at the end of each game. The points are to be based on:

3. The usual fine game I expect to play; I’d be keen to play this person again
2. Some things didn’t quite gel; but I’m OK about playing this person again.
1. I’d prefer not to play this person in the future. (You can expect to be “chatted” about “what happened”.)

Each player will then contribute an extra “1 point” (scored at the end of each day) to add to the total of any person they played that day.

Those persons who score the maximum 12 points each day that it is possible to attain will then have their “extra points” added to their 12 points. The only tie-break that will be used is a low score dice-off.

Best Terrain will be awarded on the basis of the supplier of the table who receives the greatest number of votes by the start of play on Friday morning. Voting slips will be supplied to players as part of their sign in process. The only tie-break that will be used is a low score dice-off. Players from Saturday and Sunday can only participate if their terrain is there for all three days.

Best Painted will be awarded to the person receiving the greatest number of votes by the start of play on Friday morning. Voting slips will be supplied to players as part of their sign in process. Only those armies that have been 90% painted by the player using the army are eligible to be displayed. The only tie-break that will be used is a low score dice-off. Each player therefore can enter up to three different armies.

Results for games that have not reached a conclusion at the end of 1.45 hours will be determined by the appropriate scenario conditions. There will be an “Official Clock” that will determine the starting and ending times of rounds.

In the event of a result not having being reached when time is up and the Defender winning by “the Time Out Method”, and both players have not completed their 6th turn, the calculation of the Victory Points is to be done by both players treating the opponent as if the opponent has won the match. (use the “There are No Draws” rule on Page 275 of the MRB). The points are to be calculated at the last time both players completed an even number of turns. A completed turn for each player will include up and including the checking of Victory Conditions (Part 3) that are in the Starting Step for the player who takes the first turn in the match.

Thursday 13 April 2017
Set up of Venue Commences 1600
Venue closes 2000
Friday 14 April 2017
Table Setup (if not done on the Friday evening) 0730 – 0815
Briefing 0815 – 0825
Army and Terrain Display 0830 – 0845
Round 1 Fair Fight 0845 - 1030
Round 2 Defensive Battle 1045 – 1230
Round 3 Mobile Battle 1315 – 1500
Round 4 Defensive/Mobile Battle 1515 - 1700
Saturday and Sunday 15 and 16 April 2017
Round 1 Fair Fight 0800 – 0945
Round 2 Mobile Battle 1000 – 1145
Round 3 Defensive Battle 1215 – 1400
Round 4 Defensive/Mobile Battle 1415 – 1600
Clean Up and Put Furniture back in place 1600 – 1630
On Sunday Prizegiving 1630 to 1645

Rulebook; Tape Measure; Dice; Template(s); Markers; Smoke; Objectives; Army & an attitude that to enjoy yourself.

Plan to play on tables that represent all possible types of terrain and weather effects that actually existed when WW2 was fought.
Players are invited to provide terrain for the competition.
Building a representative table from actual maps or from the modern (use google maps) terrain that exists where an action was fought (most preferable), or could have been fought, is recommended. It is acceptable to have weather effects allocated to the table provided that the history of the action backs that weather condition. Be aware that each player should inform the umpire when they enter whether they are able to provide a complete table (or tables) of attractive and coherently themed terrain (including an appropriately shaded base-cloth). The emphasis here is on “appropriate terrain”. The terrain should look as good as the armies that are playing on it.

Depending on the number and range of options put forward, the umpire will confirm with players prior to the competition as to whether their terrain is needed or not. It is very likely that all will be accepted.. The umpire apologises in advance if terrain is offered, but not taken up – the idea is to generate a good range of variations / themes, and this may mean the exclusion of some options. Terrain will be placed on tables by those who provide it prior to the start of the competition. This setup may be changed by the umpire, or by persons he nominates for this role. Terrain composition may also be changed by the umpire during the course of the competition, but should otherwise remain as set for each battle. Players are required to confirm what the terrain description sheet associated with each table prior to rolling for the defender and attacker.

 Post subject: Re: NatCon 2017 Woolston, Christchurch, Flames of War
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:06 pm 
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In addition to this, there will be a Natcon dinner on the saturday night after all gaming is done.
Its $37 for buffet style meal served at the venue. (And yes the food here is good)
PLease pay via the same method as your gaming entry, and include your name. Either a seperate or all together works fine.

"And a bayonet sir, with some guts be'ind it"

 Post subject: Re: NatCon 2017 Woolston, Christchurch, Flames of War
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:47 am 

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Hi Folks,

Lionel and I have mutually checked one anothers lists so if anyone wants to send their lists in for NatCon checking then I am open for business.


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