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 Post subject: on dice in adg and variations to the choice to use average D
PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:06 pm 

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I came up with a somewhat pleasing kinda mathematical deduction what the problem with averaged dice and grading is.
If your weapons do not give you more than 1 on average (more often 0 than 2) and not more than 1 or 2 for tactical factors (impact/impetuous, uphill. flanks) and you have a minimum of 2 for dicing and make that 3 for elite, that is not so good when the damage you inflict is the difference as it does not up the tactical side compared to the dicing which is what I would like to see. The good solution would be to double all weapons factors and twist the tactical factors around. That for me is beyond the scope of an optional rule.
So what would be needed are dices that do not go higher in minimum factors but rather lower keeping a variation in results that keeps the combat outcome interesting for both sides.
Something like a D3 or D 4, one damage for every difference in result and elite adding one if they win by one or loose by 2 or more. Mediocre the other way around. Like this everybody can still beat everyone else on the dice without giving ridiculous results.

I always thought that dice should alter the outcome of an engagement, because chance did alter historical outcomes. But if dice lead for a win by weapons and tactical factors converted in a rout of the better troop, that is over the top for me, as I see no such results in history. If we split for the convenience of the argument combat outcomes in 5 like outright loss / loosing draw / plain draw / winning draw / outright win, than dice should change this outcome by weapons and tactical situation by 1 or rarely 2 stages, but not more like converting an outright win into an outright loss. Because there is a difference between getting lucky/unlucky and divine real live.... and thus I would like to see on the tabletop.

happy to read any thoughts about this

Cheerioh from sunny Nelson


 Post subject: Re: on dice in adg and variations to the choice to use avera
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:17 am 

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I will put my toe in...
In all the rulesets and in all genre's where dice are involved; the extremes happen.
We remember the extremes over the multitude of games where dice played little part.
I can still remember a game against Brian Sowman.
My two units of Thorakitai failed their rolls and charged through their shielding skirmishers routing them.
They charged up a hill into waiting Brians's longbowmen rolling a series of 5-6's they smashed the astonished Longbowmen who turned tail and ran bursting through their friendly rear support behind on the reverse slope, who then in turn got routed by the Thorakitai running down the hill. This opened up the entire flank of Brians army that was behind fortifications.
Shaun will fondly (haha) remember Mark charging Roman Legionaries up a steep hill into Shaun's Auxillia and wiping them out to topple him from pole position in the competition.

Its episodes of extremely good or bad luck that make these games memorable and epic and in all honesty there has been far less of these incidences in ADLG than in FOG which was a game renown for outcomes being reasonably foreseeable.

Its never nice being on the wrong side but take solace that you are making your opponents day and giving them something to brag for years to come.

Don't attempt to take this away by turning it into a game of chess.

I propose we change the thread to one of bragging or commiserating ones epic or disastrous ancients events if you don't mind Tilman :)

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