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 Post subject: Brief DBMM game reports: Later Poles at ValleyCon
PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:00 pm 

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The DBMM competition at ValleyCon last weekend was 25/28mm, 400AP (unless both players agreed to a different total) on 8' x 6' and 8' x 5' tables. Two games were played each day, with the third and fourth rounds played on pre-set terrain to speed up play as there was a limited time we had the venue.

For me, this was a "learning experience". It was the first time I had used a book 4 army list (for those unfamiliar with DBMM, that is medieval armies) - early 16th Century Polish.

I finished fourth equal with 56/100, with one win, two draws and a loss. I did win the prize for looting most baggage.

I won my first game but learned nothing! I played Drew Fortune (Papal States) and my dice ran hot, while Drew's did not. Every important combat I rolled 5 or 6 and Drew rolled 1 or 2. My most deadly troops were six Lithuanian ordinary light horse who swept away condottieri knights, their superior knight general, hand-gunners (superior psiloi), pikemen and got into the baggage. The dice were so absurd I found myself repeatedly apologising to Drew.

I came down to earth with a thud against Gerard Lelieveld's Later Hungarians. I had many more knights but his were better. My plan was to hold up his superior knights with my numbers, while I defeated one flank and turned the other. The second and third parts of my plan worked, the first did not. In this game I learned a line of superior knights can be exceptionally destructive, and should be fought with caution (much more than I applied). I also learned superior knights can lead to an army's total morale equivalents being surprisingly small and that is what I should have exploited.

The first of my two draws was against Phil Gates using Mithridatic. Here I learned to expect less from irregular sub-generals' command and control, and to remember they are impetuous. Having the cavalry from a particular sub-general's command separated from the knights and general by a wood created command difficulty that seriously hampered both the cavalry and knights. Compounding the problem I had created for myself, in one bound I used all the general's PIPs, started moving another command and then remembered he was impetuous. I had not moved his group and had not spent a PIP to hold him. So, off he went, on his own. Every other element in his command was regular and not impetuous. Also, Phil used his four scythed chariots really well. They destroyed only one element of my cavalry before, in time, themselves all being destroyed but they sucked up so much of my time and PIPs that I did little more with far too much of my army.

My last game was against Paul Graham's Patrician Romans. In this game, I eventually gave up attacking Paul's legionaries, which were two ranks deep and supported by psiloi, and then bullied his auxiliaries. Too late. Paul handled his legionaries much more aggressively than I expected and not only posed problems by preventing me dictating where and when the game was being played but killed too many of my knights.

Thank you to my four opponents - gentlemen and good sports all. Every game was a pleasure.

After these first four games I feel happy my new army has the tools it needs to win but I need to keep learning how to use them for best effect. The only change I am going to make is to tweak the command structure a little to make my infantry command more flexible (it will get two more mounted elements).

Thank you to Allen Yaxley for running the DBMM competition, to the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club for organising the competition (about 120 people played across various periods), and to Kapiti Hobbies for providing the excellent prizes (vouchers to spend on more toy soldiers and modelling stuff).

Full DBMM results and lots more posts from ValleyCon including a short video are on the DBMM New Zealand Facebook and copied onto our blog

Visit Kapiti Hobbies at the Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy and on line at

Best regards

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